6 Sep

This is always one of those controversial subjects – it’s very hard to write about it without sparking extremes. This is not what I was originally going to blog about but that’s for another day. I have been thinking about being a chameleon, my personality and how I seem to have nothing that stands out in the crowd. No personal traits that make me individual or special. Anyway my thoughts aren’t exactly organised on that subject and I will need another bath to sort that lot out in my head, before I feel confident enough to write about it. Instead I’ll leave you with a post from an old blog I wrote trying to explain my belief’s but its old and its just a start:

God Is –

God is the personification of the inbuilt, ingrained gritty fears of the nature of humanity. God embodies the ‘Solution’ to all of humanity’s negative elements. Now this is true to my believe that you don’t have black without white. Negative elements are again those primal instincts and urges, fear of emptiness, loneliness and lack thereof of direction.

The above was one of the first unofficial bathblog’s. I’ll let you in on a little secret – I always think in the bath. I grew up in a small house with alot of brothers. The only place for years I could find a little sanctity and peace was the bathroom. So, I would spend hours and hours lying in there – with a book just thinking. It seems to be one of places where you can stop, relax and organise your thoughts after a hectic day.


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