Capturing a moment

7 Sep

Photo’s and Word’s. That’s real art. The capture of a moment, a feeling. So perfectly.

I love the discovery of something that so sums up what I’m thinking, how I’m feeling.

I hope Gamb doesn’t mind me quoting her:

I needed to change the mood of my Blog for a while because I already don’t like to be down all the time..
I love Life & I love living it…I don’t want people to get that I am a pessimestic person or a Sad person who is always desperate & sad & bored & boring..I am the contrary of all of that…I love Smiling ,laughing jokes,photos,going out,making new adventures,trying new things & having new experiences,Coloring ,Drawing,Swimming & playing.
All the problem is that When I turn to write in my blog ,that is because I feel sad or I feel Bad in a way or another..That I don’t find somebody to talk to i start to write .

Thank you Gamb for perfection in words that I don’t know I could of found for myself.
Please click the link on the right for Gamb’s Blog.


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