Corruption by Stats

8 Sep

This blog was half written on the train this morning the good old fashioned way.

Blog by Biro

Blog by Biro

I woke up this morning and for the first time in a long time I was thinking about what I wanted to write. So instead of reading Harry Potter and listening to some dodgy wanna-be punk rock I’ve grabbed an old envelope, whilst searching for a pen almost missed my train. Here I am now.

For the past few days I have had this insatiable desire to constantly check my stats – looking at the referrers I have noticed that most of my traffic, insert obligatory – OMG I have traffic – has come from WordPress’ homepage and Tag Cloud. So as a little experiment I have decided to tag this with a few of the top words. Being – Life, news, politics,personal. Most of these are fair tags for this post. Comment me if you think not.

I wonder if all the worlds major followings – Religion, Politics and of course Blogs. I wonder if these are susceptible to the unstoppable forces of money and public opinion.

I don’t necessarily think politics or religion were corrupt to begin with. Quite the opposite. Now I know its contrary to popular belief that politician’s and religious fanatics get into their respective fields hoping, believing they can truly make a difference. Or as with some politicians, are even human.

I might be limited in life experience but there is one memory that will follow me my whole life. Something that has changed me so profoundly and shaped me in ways I didn’t believe possible.

The setting – I’m 18, decided for some reason to travel around some of Europe and have saved up on the wages of an apprentice (around £80 a week) to go out their and see what I can. Its the second evening of my trip and I’m in a hostel in Venice.

I met a lot of people whilst travelling but these guys stand out against everything. I’m sitting with a bunch of French students, on a table opposite is a collection of Japanese friends, some Germans and 2 Americans. I have a pack of cards I’m playing with and I see the Japanese friends starting up a game, in a universal signal of friendship I wave the cards to the French guys and with a nod of a head and a proffering of the cards we manage to get a simple game of Rummy going.
I walk over the the Japanese friends and offer the cards. Pretty much within ten minutes chairs have been brought in from every corner, everyone is around the table and there are about 4 packs of cards shuffled together. The result is being taught and teaching card games long into the night with people of so many different nations and being able to spend a great time together without the understanding given by language.

The point of the mini story above is simply. We are all the same, deep down no matter where you come from and what you do we all have common ground.

This is my point about politicians and religious leaders, everyone starts of with good intentions, we are all instinctively good. Unfortunately something has gone wrong.

I think that most people can agree that no matter the beginnings of religion, most faiths are now too commercialised and due to the pressures of modern free thinking. It along with everything else is subject to the forces that drive all commercial enterprises. The same goes for politics, everything eventually comes down to money. My question is this, are blogs – as the free thinking, distributed medium they are (No centralised control or rule) subject to the same forces of public opinion, money (ads) and of course the pressure of Tags……


One Response to “Corruption by Stats”

  1. fotdmike 8 September, 2008 at 9:05 am #

    Interesting post… came across it on tag surfer. 🙂

    Re your basic proposition about religion/politics… hell, by and large I agree with you.

    As for blogs… you betcha! And I think it takes a conscious, determined and persistent effort to resist the corrupting influences.

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