learning to share

17 Sep

I’ve realised over time that a lot of my qualities I have taken from my mum. These being good and not so good.

Thinking about this whilst sitting in a church garden today I believe I have pinpointed a few issues.
I’m very picky about a lot of things, I like things to be just so, I like to know where everything is. This in turn leads to me not liking particularly other people using or touching my stuff. It’s personal space, I have this very tight, unbending concept of space. I need it sanctioned and it needs to be mine.

I have started to learn to accept this and to be less uptight about things. The thinking goes, where’s the harm. I try to take this outlook and it seems to be working. I feel more relaxed and happy, I realise it doesn’t matter if I brought the cups, there doesn’t need to be this balance. We don’t need to have this chart where we tick of against each other. Subjecting actions and values to review.

I’m learning to share, I’m learning to be happy and I’m learning to be open and giving.


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