Why I write – A Followup

17 Sep

I thought I should put this up here as a follow up to my blog post “Why I write” I received an email after posting my entry. I’ll post my thought’s being that I’m very tired at the moment

Hi Alex,
hope you are ok?  I have just read your blog “Why do you write”.  There are a couple of points i would like to clear up – I don’t want this to cause any problems but i want to be honest and tell you my side of things.
Life was bad before I left, your mum and i were both immature, and i do regret that you and your brothers had to go through that.  You say i never came to visit you in hospital – i never knew you were in hospital – had i done i would have been there like a shot.  It is true I dont understand about aspergers syndromme as much as i should – tracy has an uncle who has autism quite severely and it is not always easy…..  i would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about you aspergers and how it has impacted your life.
I want so much to be in your life and to understand, support and help you – there are always 2 sides to everything and i’m not going to apportion blame – i accept my part in our families break up and i hope that in the future we can get to a place where we are happy in our relationship and understand where we both come from.
love dad

One Response to “Why I write – A Followup”

  1. ben 19 September, 2008 at 11:23 pm #

    wow mate…good stuff! i’m always happy when i see photos of you and your dad! and yeah i’m glad he reads through your blogs too! healthy stuff! hope all’s well bruv!

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