Power of Words

18 Sep

Word’s clearly have a power over people, there’s an openness to them that make people stop and think. At first when I received the email from my father I wasn’t sure what to think and how to feel. I know he had been reading it, or at least knew it was there. There is a difference between him and my mother. I’ve grown up with her and she knows what I’m like, she understands the brutality of my thoughts and honesty in how I think, it’s just me, I don’t mean any harm but I’m not going to change because I don’t want to be someone else.

I know my mum hasn’t and probably won’t read this, it is like what I tried to say in my first blog “Who’s ever going to read this

You’ll have thoughts and words never voiced, questions never answered, here’s the chance to grab that little bit of hope that maybe they will see this.

If I tried to tell my mum about my blog, she would tell me she’s seen my website, she wouldn’t understand I was trying to reach out to her and that this was something new. But my father understands this, it may be due to the fact that he hasn’t grown with me constantly going – look at my new website I made (I run a small web-design company – Spongedesign) or it may be down to personality.

The point is that when you read something or write something it can stir emotions in you that you thought were long buried, when I write about things this is an exploration of self. I am looking into the past and these things don’t directly impact my present state of mind but they have all come together to influence who I am.

I know if I here a good song lyric or read a good book. My mind will begin to tick and it will make me wonder about life and how I life mine. Much like the bible does for many people all over the world, the bible is a great book because the words and stories can be applied to so many situations, it is a great learning aid for people who need some direction, which is why religion is so powerful. The words and the teachings give those that need it, direction.

I want to go back to this email but I’m not sure what to say – it’s clear that when we write is one time we can really say what we want, when the words don’t matter and of course there are unexpected reactions to these, all we can do is stick to our guns, hold onto what we know and believe, and weather the storm.

I guess this goes part way to explaining my love of all words, literature, poetry, music. There is so much emotion there that you are bound to feel different, that even in your darkest hour, a good book or a good song can bring you right back to the surface and help you carry on. To all you writers, authors, blogger’s, musicians…everyone. Thank you


4 Responses to “Power of Words”

  1. slightlyignorant 18 September, 2008 at 3:32 pm #

    If you would want your mum to read this though, I’m sure you could reach her somehow. If you had a serious talk about your blog instead of just mentioning it in passing for instance.
    About religion – I don’t think it’s so strong only because of the stories in the bible. I think a lot has to do with how you’re raised, what you’re brainwashed to believe by different people, what you yourself decide about religion. The bible is an incredible piece of literature though, I agree. At least the Old Testament, that I’m familiar with.

  2. Alex Towler 18 September, 2008 at 4:53 pm #

    it’s not nesescarrily that I want her to read it, it’s just that different people will behave differently when they hear or read something. Your right about religion, that its strength doesn’t only come from the power of the words. But like you say people are brainwashed, surely if we look though they are only brainwashed by what they are taught through words and expression

  3. Ikay 18 September, 2008 at 8:05 pm #

    About your mom, i think you can somehow talk to her in person. Have a serious talk with her with regards to your feelings. I bet she will listen. About religion, it is a never ending debate. I wish to comment on it, but I realized I wouldn’t want to argue with anyone.

  4. Alex Towler 18 September, 2008 at 11:48 pm #

    I dont think commenting on religion is necessarily going to lead to an argument, I think it is great for healthy debate. I thank you for my comments about my mum. I have always found it difficult to talk to people, her especially, not for anything she has done but simply because I am the way I am. Sometimes its easier to write.

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