Hospital and Friendship

20 Sep

My friend got taken into hospital last night, emergency due to a suspected appendicitis. I was very tired and drunk, I was asleep in fact when my flat mate told me. (He’s dating her) so I ended up falling back to sleep and not even remembering in the morning, turns out he had been up all night fretting, as soon as I even stirred just to feed my fish and slump back into bed he was knocking on my door.

So I’m in the kitchen sorting out some bit’s, apparently my friends mum is coming to pick us up in a short while so we can go see her. My flat mate is up in his room on the phone to his manager explaining the situation. Turns out his manager is being a **** but that’s not the point of this post.

Anyway, phone ring’s and it’s my friends mum, I ask when we can go down to see Kayleigh. Here comes the point when my heart went !Kaplunk

Mother: “Something, blah, blah”

Me: “So when can we go down and see her, has she had an operation yet, what’s happening?”

Mother: “Well er…I know she wants to see Dave but she’s in for 3 days, so can you tell him to meet me outside the chemists at half eleven so I can pick him up. Your better off going to see her tomorrow”

Ok, I’ve paraphrased as I don’t remember exact conversations but that is a fair gist of the situation.

Now of course I was at first upset, and then angry, then confused and pissed off. This girl is one of my oldest friends, she is like family. Surely she wouldn’t of told her mum that she only wanted to see Dave. Why would her mum think she wouldn’t want to see me.

I spoke with my friend today, she has been allowed home on strict orders to be really vigilant of any pains. Turns out she hadn’t made any distinction about who she wanted to see and she would of loved to see me.

So what the hell was going through her mum’s head to make a judgement like that, why the hell is it ok to push people away who have been friends for so many years. I’m really upset and want to be angry but I can’t find the words to describe how confused and upset I am….
What was I supposed to do? I don’t even know, I’m so frustrated. I can’t even write properly


2 Responses to “Hospital and Friendship”

  1. Miss Willow 23 September, 2008 at 6:38 am #

    Mothers do tend to get a bit over protective when their baby (even though grown up) is ill. I expect she was just worried that too many visitors in one day may tire your friend out.

    Her mum was probably very tired and stressed out after what she had been through, waiting for her daughter to come out of surgery safe and sound, and probably wasn’t thinking straight.
    It’s a pretty big thing to have abdominal surgery (been there, got the scars).

    It’s not fair that you had to be shoved to the back and made to wait to see your friend, it’s very hurtful when others don’t consider your feelings and allow you to show your concern for someone you care for. Personally i would choc it up to an unfortunate incident, where you friends mum wasn’t thinking straight and and move on.

    Have you seen your friend yet? How is she doing now?

  2. Alex Towler 23 September, 2008 at 12:45 pm #

    I guess sometimes people get stressed and get their wires crossed. I have seen my friend thank you and she is doing better.

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