FF7 & Harry Potter

23 Sep

I’m writing this as I sit here listening to Aeris’s theme song. Performed by a Japanese orchestra, I can’t really tell weather it’s bringing out the best or the worst in me, it’s certainly making me think.

Interesting meme that one. Aeris, the flower girl who stole so many hearts and will continue to do so for so many years.Aeris means Earth…so clever. Some people just don’t understand

Sponge (c ) the word lveo – Swing Life Away says:
shes Aeris
Sponge (c ) the word lveo – Swing Life Away says:
I shouldnt need to say more
-VB says:
and so whosee the flower girl?

How do we really manage to form such strong connections with characters of fiction, for many of my generation there was Aeris from a simple computer game and in this generation people have Harry Potter and Dumbledore.

Surely this is another example how words, stories, music. When you combine them right can really bring out the best in people. We can be united against a common foe in our love for a character.

I think the truth behind a character is the idea they embody, we fall in love with the concept a person holds, the way the character defines our expectations of good and happy.
Sometimes you fall in love with someone because of their plights, every cell in my body wants to help, to be the one to fix the patches and the holes, to mend a broken heart.

I know really I can’t do this though because I’ve lost faith in the idea that people can be helped. I know that especially teen girls, will do and say things just for attention, horrible horrific things. They will describe and claim abuse in order to spark some kind of false connection and pity. Why do people do this, I don’t believe you, I’m clever enough to know when someones playing to my emotions and I don’t appreciate people trying to take advantage of my loving, caring nature.

Why do people do this? Why do people think its OK, it is selfish and wrong and inconsiderate and yet I won’t turn and tell you “I know your lying”.

EDIT: Aeris Orchestra link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOpAPQAFPc4


One Response to “FF7 & Harry Potter”

  1. vajih bukhari 24 September, 2008 at 6:00 pm #

    hey that makes me sound stupid mate not funny!!

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