27 Sep

How far back to traditions really start.

I have this thing I do every week, at least once a week I buy myself a nice cheese omlett for lunch.

Now this started when I discovered there was a small sandwich store two door’s down from where I work in Fenchurch Street, London. I was thinking about this on the way back into the office today and realised that in fact it started earlier back then that. The routes go back years and years and I have slowly spread my tradition at each relevant point – at the moment I have actually somehow got my coworkers following my trend/tradition/thingymabob.

So let’s go back 12 month’s, working in a small area in Dockland’s I used to take the ferry back and forth from work between Woolwich and onto docklands. During this time I was doing 2 driving lessons a week, crossing back every Tuesday and Thursday, it was by doing this I discovered a small cafe about 15 minutes from my office. This is relevant because it led to the “Hot food Wednesday”, being that we only had a crappy little sandwich van me and my pal would make a point of going to the cafe and buying hot food each Wednesday, or at least once a week. I think the cheese omlette thing goes even further back. When I used to cross over the river for my driving lessons I would go into a cafe there, because I knew for fact that they did a great omlette. I remember thinking this years before that when? Swimming with my mum at the pool opposite we popped in for some lunch. This must have been at least 5 years previous.

This is as far back as I can trace this oddness but what if it goes further, what if my mum had her own reasons and traditions for choosing that particular cafe? It really makes you wonder how in control we really are, what if our habits are really those of our ancestors, changing and blurring over time? Could it be that 100 years ago my family had a penchant for cheese so much so it filtered to my brain all those years ago shaping my thoughts and making me opt for a cheese omlette over everything.

It’s Saturday morning and all this typing on my ipod touch is making me hungry. I’m going to go make an omlette 🙂


One Response to “Traditions”

  1. slightlyignorant 27 September, 2008 at 4:14 pm #

    I love those kinds of quirky traditions/routines that you get into and don’t even realize how much you’re really into them until you notice you’ve been at them for months or years.

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