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This is my stage

28 Oct

EDIT: Update, my friend has been busy and is waiting to get the book to me this weekend. I havent posted another blog becasue I don’t want to forget this project of exploration. I get easily distraceted. I havent abandoned you guys 🙂 10/11/08

My friend has promised to lend me a book/pamphlet out lining what Jehovah Witnesses believe and why they do. I love having discussions about religion and faith because these are clearly at the heart and soul of so many people’s life’s giving direction and hope to so many. Wether good or bad, the direction people go is down to each individual but still faith will guide them.

I would like to take a few posts up with a study of my believe and how it differs from many other’s. I think that I may have a very logical view of many things and so the study and questioning is more enjoyable for me than having the conviction that faith brings. Before I go on let me make some thing’s clear. This is my stage, my forum, my plinth and my palace. This is how I think and feel and you don’t need to read or believe any of it. Secondly – The Bible is a book and as such I will make comparisons between this best seller and another that millions of people know, Harry Potter. This may take the seriousness away from my posts but rest assured everything I say, I think, feel and most certainly mean.


Eat your own words

27 Oct

How difficult is it, in times of need. To follow your own advice? – I like to think I lend a good ear and provide sound, logical, reasonable advice. But how then after giving so much I haven’t learnt enough to listen to myself. To take my own advice and to heed my most basic instincts. Instead choosing a reckless path that often can only lead to akward and stressful situations. Maybe it’s high time I started eating my own words….

Reader Question – Why Return?

23 Oct

Every day I have a set of things I do in the morning before doing any actual work. These are all things that give me pleasure in one way or the other, either writing a small post or reading some news somewhere so that I can laugh at some people’s stupidity. It got me wondering this morning, noticing that I have people who regularly comment on my posts I’m curious why you keep coming back to my small cave in the depths of the Internet. Is it curiosity? fear? or are you genuinely interested in what’s going on in my head and my life? do you like my rough and brutal writing style or is it that you are in fact. Hoping, preying, that one day you will come here to find some piece of amazing alliteration? please comment or answer the poll I would love to know what you think.

Forbidden Love and Lust

22 Oct

Love is not the greatest emotion ever. With it’s trixy ways and incredible likeness – Lust has moved to the fore. We now have to contend not only with Lady luck but the formidable temptress of Forbidden Lust.

Talking from experience, I hear “No” and take it as an invite, a challenge, a goal. The power of denial takes hold to such a degree that the confusions between Love and Lust become so entangled that they are undistinguish-able.

I’m certain that we all want what we can’t, shouldn’t have. But I think I have it slightly worse. It’s in my nature particularly strongly to want to be with someone else. To share happiness, joy, and kisses in the dark. Holding hands could lead to a walk down a dangerous path. For the wrenching emptiness is crying out to be filled. This forced separation that I have put on myself, this wall, where I block all my natural instincts in favour of healing a heart, too many times broken.

This stupidity of keeping a distance from anyone I might get close to is seriously battling against my self constraint and logic. Those emotions and thoughts that all tell me its wrong. In words – My Head is once more doing battle with My Heart. And losing, all I really want is that connection, maybe even the certain tingling and warmth that can only be felt from a lovers embrace.

Random comic post

21 Oct

Hehehehe I was bored this morning and thought i’d post a random scribble I did. FYI I think the LHC looks like a giant speaker coil

Im sorry its awful

I'm sorry it's awful

Why Read?

20 Oct

I was having a conversation with someone this morning and got really really incensed. I was actually insulted by the ignorance of what was being said. Asked what I was doing I told them that I was reading the 6th Harry Potter book, again. To my utter dismay and shock I got a reply along the lines of “Why bother there’s a film coming out for that soon”

Surely anyone that has ever picked up a book, read and article or even seen a newspaper know that there is nothing more powerful and influential than the written word. Surely people understand that a book is so much more involved and exciting. It lets you delve into a whole new world, where your imagination can go wild. Where as film’s are their primarily to make money. They have limits on how long they can be and as such can never contain the twists, turns, plot lines and intrigue that books can. With amazing character buildup, so much so that you almost know the characters personally. Every thought, every whim, every desire in their hearts and minds is open to you and there is nothing stronger and more exciting and fun then that.

Plus, Harry Potter is a good fun story.

EDIT: A post in response to this blog. Judge for yourselfs

Peer pressure

15 Oct

This, I feel. Is the best definition of “Peer Pressure” – “influence on a person by other people who are about the same age on in the same class.”

Taking this definition, how does peer pressure exist in the workplace. Where often there is a very varied age range. I am the youngest person working in this company and know that most others are in their late 20’s and early 40’s maybe older. These I wouldn’t consider to be of the same age, or class. Or even the same peer, we were born in almost different generations and as a result have grown up in different lifestyles with different goals and agenda’s. Continue reading