The lengths we would go

8 Oct

Yesterday I faced a major dilema. After getting home from work Monday I had the shock of a lifetime that kept me up all night. I have one of these external backup drives that you plug into your of and put all your important data onto. This for me includes every single picture I have taken over the last few years. Having a brain like a sieve it’s nice to have something to look at to prompt my memory. Photo’s are one if the most important things to me. One of my worst fears is actually loosing my memory and not being able to recall those importbst moments, those times that have shaped me as a person. School, family, friends, travel.
So clearly it’s important for me to protect these as best as I can. So after pluggin my drive into my computer and finding out that it wouldn’t load I began to freak out. If the drive is broke it will cost me around half of my travel savings to recover them. So what do I do. Could I really go to such lengths? Could I forget all my old memories in favour of making new ones or vise versa. I was at a split point.

Lucky I work in IT. Having contacts with cool gadgets I might still be able to recover something.

Whilst trying to access my data me and my geeky friend were saying it would be a good idea to also put copies on cd’s which I ultimately agreed with. And then, with that prompting realized that was exactly what I was already doing. I guess I should take a picture of me backing up photo’s to cd.


2 Responses to “The lengths we would go”

  1. Miss Willow 8 October, 2008 at 11:23 pm #

    Its a nightmare when our technology lets us down and ultimately very stressful when our memory lets us down.

    I think i have backed up most of my photo’s about 3 times over and even left a copy on disc at my aunts, in case of a fire or something that destroys my pc and storage discs at the same time.

  2. slightlyignorant 9 October, 2008 at 2:22 pm #

    I can completely sympathize with that fear of losing your memories and the triggers to them. I really hope you manage to recover all the photos and that it all turns out alright!

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