17 Nov

It looks like my promised gift is yet too come true and I think it’s easier if I get onto Watchtower at some point to read as much spew as possible and come here with my verbal diarrhea. Assaulting the eyes of many and offending the sentimentality’s of even more. For today however I shall have my little rant.

“A Non: Put a (*) in your name and pass this message onto whoever is online in your contacts list out of respect for the little girl beat to death by her parents

Me: No

A Non: Your so rude”

Stupidity and Campaigns

Stupidity and Campaigns

OK, I think many of you will see why I take exception to this stupidity. How, in God’s name will putting a star into my Name on MSN make any difference, I hate that so many people feel that it’s OK to pass round an email, join a group on Facebook or alternatively, put a (*) in your Display Name on MSN. This is an insult more than anything, this is a failing of the digital generations. We make a stand in our little on-line life’s, forgetting that by taking this “Action” nothing will change, no difference will be achieved. By taking part in these petty “Acts” we are encouraging each other to dismiss the real world, to dismiss positive and affirmative action. We console each other with pats on the back. It’s OK, we know your outraged at this one act of abuse that has hit the media. Don’t worry that this is just one of many. You joined a group on Facebook. Ohhhh way to protest, way to campaign for change, way to spread your word and feelings.

Sarcasm at 7:45, Monday morning.


3 Responses to “Watchtower”

  1. slightlyignorant 17 November, 2008 at 11:32 am #

    Oh dear, beginning the week with some sarcasm? Well, Monday’s actually a good day for it I guess.

    CHRIST, I sooo get where you’re coming from. I hate this stuff as well. It doesn’t MEAN anything to join a group on Facebook if you’re not going to be doing anything else. It doesn’t mean anything to put a star next to your name if you’re not going to be writing angry letters to the media.
    And while we’re on the subject, there’s something so revolting about the exposure these abused kids get on the media – oh yeah, great idea, make them think being a victim is awesome cause you get to be on TV. That won’t make them keep themselves in that sort of role at all, nope, no sir-e-bob. Jesus, what abused kids need is therapy, what children who get killed need is to be known about, but not turned into little gods, it’s more disrespectful to worship them than to sympathize and promise you’d never keep silent if you knew or heard about a parent beating his or her child.
    Gah, sorry for the rant, Alex ^_^”.

  2. Alex Towler 17 November, 2008 at 11:42 am #

    It’s going to be a good week. I enjoyed your rant thank you. I could of carried on ranting but there’s just not enough words to describe how irate I can be at the stupid things in life. Let’s face the facts – this messsage and outburst will reach noone to whom it is aimed against becasue sensible people with a certain amount of education will read my post. Those ignorant self centred, hypocritcal retards of my degenerative generation will sit at home masturbating and watching X-Factor and such and such.

  3. misswillow 18 November, 2008 at 9:23 pm #

    Haha, i join these pointless groups just to tell them how pointless they are. (it’s a thing i do when i am bored and there is absolutely nothing else to do)

    I hear that putting a * in your name can really save lives and make people feel better about their grief! ……………………..How it does this, i really don’t know lol.

    Whats wrong with masturbating and watching X -Factor? lol
    Just be careful you don’t do it at the same time though, you could go blind 😛

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