Breaking Eternity

10 Dec

Eternity is defined simply as “time without end” alongside infinity it is a wonder that the mind can cope with the concept. Never ending. It blows away my mind to even utter those words. Never ending, it’s the most horrific idea I can think of because it means no goal. No direction, nothing to strive for and off course, constant procrastination. If there were no urgency we would not strive forward.

Time is a great invention, it’s one of the subtlest things I can think off to have such a huge impact. We give ourselves age, we give years, we take a lifetime and break it down until the time seems meaningless, what is a Millie-second. What is ever achieved, what changes, what do we do in that minuscule moment.

It means we can set goals and targets to push forwards because in our hearts and minds we know time is ticking. My 20th birthday hit me and I think it’s actually fully sunk in now. I’m into my 20’s, a concept that until now I never even considered. I’m halfway to 40 and I wonder what have I achieved, how close am I to my goals.


One Response to “Breaking Eternity”

  1. misswillow 10 December, 2008 at 2:02 pm #

    Most people question and panic when the get closer to 30 and then of course 40 where life apparently begins. lol.

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