New Year. New Goals?

2 Jan

First of – A happy new year to all those that read this.

Ok so we’re finally officially into a new year, I know it’s only been a short time but I was kind of hoping with all the fuss thing’s would seem different – not just more expensive…

A few good changes have happened this year. I finally found some fish that my female Molly won’t chase and kill so the fish tank is looking a lot fuller and my molly seems happier for the company. I also was given a present this year that fit’s my lifestyle greatly. A paint-your-own cow. I know it’s not exciting but I now have another addition to my window sill garden I have developed over the last couple of months, mainly out of boredom but partly I guess out of a desire to make the most of the little space I do have. Living in a flat on a high street means I don’t have any garden space so I’ve made the most of the situation from scratch and grown myself a grassy area. Check out the pictures below 😀 also feel free to add me to FACEBOOK

Cow in Garden

Cow in Garden




2 Responses to “New Year. New Goals?”

  1. chloé 3 January, 2009 at 4:06 pm #

    your garden concept seems very cool : )
    it’s not “quantity but quality”; maybe you could reference this to your nice little garden, or something.
    the street view from the second photo held my attention, which is amazing since my head flu & blocked ears has me not focused on anything
    what’s it like where you live, is it busy & exciting(?)
    are there lots of nice people, my partner & i were tossing up the idea of a trip to england in 2010

  2. slightlyignorant 3 January, 2009 at 6:09 pm #

    Happy New Year, Alex!
    Damn you for posting pictures of what is so obviously London… You’re making me miss it like crazy. Who cares about garden space when you have weather and the whole of LONDON at your disposal?! Ok, ok, a garden would be nice – but hey, I think your windowsill looks lovely and adorable!

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