23 Jan

I know you can be racist, prejudice, and all the others. What I wonder is – can you be Name-ist. Can you really be negative about a person just because of their name. Is it right to judge based on a name….Here’s the situation:

In a supermarket near me there is a very pretty girl working behind one of the counter’s. I see her when I go in their, fairly often. Today she was very smiley and I wanted to say Hi. But then I saw her name tag, instead I thanked her and walked away.
Now that sound’s silly but being a bit of a git I don’t think I’d be able to keep my face straight whenever I spoke to her. Let alone dating. Her name – “Fatima”, this is no word of a lie. I walked back to work imagining nick names for her, and cute little way’s couples have of calling each other. Like you speak to a baby – “Who’s a pretty girl then, that’s right your my little fatty whatty”.
I could imagine calling out to her in the street like I do with my other friends -“Hey, Fatty” – is it short for something maybe??

And that’s my Name-ist confession.

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