Cometh the time of the Teabag

26 Jan

Cometh the time of the teabag.

I think we all go through certain stage’s in live. These are not nescessarilly age related or relevant but happen when our heart’s and mind’s reach an impasse. Be it with the world or against’s ones own body.

I hope I have passed through one. Stronger and more focused. Understanding better.

This blog started as a point of exploration – A chance to expel the arrogant side of myself, what better way to talk about yourself? I have spoken about believes, idea’s and thoughts of every kind.  Ranging from events that have haunted me for many years, following to talks around politics, religious ideas or just traveling . I have realised something important though. This journey has been one that I have shared with my reader’s – opening my heart out to the world in the hopes of finding myself. I think I have found more than that. I have found friend’s. Those of you that follow my ramblings each have amazing talent’s, be it in writing, photography or even an unrivalled ability to be selfless. For that I thank you.

Writing in this medium has made me realise my believes about life and about people. Even if my strongest believe is a conviction that I believe truly in nothing.

Now I find myself at a point where the thoughts have settled – the dreams and nightmare’s live on inside my head but for now the most pressing matter’s seem to involve teabags and packing. Cometh the time…

I don’t know about the moving on post – I don’t think I’m the kind of person that would say goodbye – it’s been fun, see you around. I’d just fade into obscurity and slowly let month’s of work and writing dissappear into nothing. I think this post is more about recognising the change’s that have come over me. I have had it commented on without prompting by other’s so I know it’s noticeable. I feel like im opening another door in my life and sad as it is I can feel the past closing behind me. Friend’s and memory drifting to just that. A memory…

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3 Responses to “Cometh the time of the Teabag”

  1. chloé 26 January, 2009 at 1:21 pm #

    today was australia day, i spent it at my boyfriends with something seriously resembling a hangover (lol), it was a crappy day

    yesterday we celebrated australia day (early) at kiss my grass, you probably read me talking about it. it was awesome!! check out the new post

    you should definitely have exciting things to write about aus

    wow at your entry here & wow that you linked to me as your blog friend, thankyou : )

    since you’ve found yourself, through blogging, which i have always thought was a good way to find “yourself” or just been accepted for who you really are by strangers without judgment; will you keep blogging or was this your – i’m moving on with my life – post(?)
    .. i do hope not

  2. slightlyignorant 26 January, 2009 at 8:19 pm #

    Besides being honored beyond measure at your mention and link, and besides being so happy for you for getting and finding what you need in and within this blogging experience…
    Besides all that, I’m rather nervous. I really hope this isn’t your “goodbye” post, as I love your writing style, enjoy your musings, agree with many of your opinions and generally find you to be quite the awesome human being. Don’t go :(.

  3. chloé 27 January, 2009 at 1:32 am #

    argh my stomach muscles are so sore lol.
    it’s good to hear that you’ll try to keep writing, i mean, i haven’t been reading for long you can’t just leave (lol, that’s selfish of me)

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