Dear Diary

31 Jan

The highest form of flattery is imitation – In that globally recognised phrase I will leave you with this SlightlyIgnorant link and begin a journey of creation and expansion. Character development.

31st January 2009,

Following recent developments in life I have decided to keep this small journal. With so many mysteries unsolved, so many questions unanswered I have set out on a quest.

Today I was introduced to Thomas H Lietwierg, a charming fellow from the Northern regions who I am told is interested in some of the unexplained disappearances in the outer regions.
I myself have been looking into these but have decided to not share all of my information until I know more about this fellow. His charm is obvious and sincere and yet – I do not trust him. There is a certain something about the man I cannot place, whether it be the pure whiteness of his skin or the slight limp – something is seriously unusual and off putting, of course I could be wrong but I have fallen into similar trap’s before. Not willing to be as vulnerable and fearful again I think I’ll hold back,  at least for now…

Enters our odd nameless and thoughtless character – let us see if he will grow into a real being, someone who’s adventure’s I would want to follow…

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One Response to “Dear Diary”

  1. chloé 1 February, 2009 at 2:15 am #

    i don’t actually know if my camera has time lapse, i’ve only just started to read the manual. lol!
    i think it’s an interesting subject though; but how well would it be in still photography(?) wouldn’t it be better video, but sped up(?)

    got to love stalkers : )
    my iphone stalker has been absent for a week now
    along with google crawling me lol

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