An interesting idea

1 Feb

I completely forgot to turn my Alarm off on my Ipod last night and have been woken on a Sunday morning annoyed and slightly grumpy. I need to make a cup of tea and relax. *Time Passes* I’ve made my Tea now and am feeling a lot happier. The cup I am using is one of those ridiculously small ones – thin china with some kind of gold motif’s and a badge design on the front claiming to be “University of Aberdeen” – Here’s a suggestion. Make better cups!

The beauty of being waken in this rude fashion is that it has kick-started some fairly dormant brain cell’s – by its combination of anger, fear, confusion and pure sleepiness I have developed a plan, an idea maybe or even just a musing.

SI has come up with this great idea for character development and I thought it would be fun, if she obliges – to write a sort of amalgamation, a continuation of each of our character’s in their Journal’s and Diaries – but an introduction. It would be fun for our character’s to have the opportunity to respond to each other. If not off course – then my story would simply be the imaginations of a magical dragon named puff. Dreaming of an alternate universe and what could have been.

May 14th,

Journal, I am glad I am still writing in you. It sometimes feels that over the past few months. I hesitate to write this for the admittance is enough in itself to cause me to panic.  Well, writing in you has kept me going. There’s nothing else to it really, the chance to let of that steam and pressure that has been building up – well it’s been intense. I want to thank you, and reading back I can see it is your birthday. I’ve drawn you a little cake in the corner, I hope you enjoy it.

I have some good news, I might be girlfriend-less and I might of lost everything I have – but finally, I have found an escape. A friend of mine has recommended a job to me in Vermont – and after applying several week’s ago they have written back asking me to come for an interview. This could be it! the escape I need. A chance at a new beginning – wish me luck!


May 15th

Journal, I’m lucky your still with me, airport security took one look at me and did a full search of everything in my bag’s – they found you and I say now I would of killed them on the spot if they had opened you. Luckily they were too interested in the speedo’s that had tangled in the strap! God the embarrassment.

I’m on the flight at the moment and I can tell you – these last few hour’s have been the worst and the best time’s of my life. To the left and down a bit is the most intriguing girl I have ever laid eye’s on. She doesn’t have outstanding beauty and seems to be very intent on an internal monologue – maybe she is worried about something? Who knows. I saw her get up once to go to the bathroom and hid behind my fork. Making the rubbery in-flight meal look like the most tantalising thing I have ever eaten. I notice she is writing in a small leather book much like my own and I wish I could talk to her, but after Sophie nothing will be the same again.

I must dash – the overhead light’s have just come on and the captain has announced our decent. I’ll strap on my seatbelt now and hope for a safe landing – this is the scariest thing I have ever done.


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One Response to “An interesting idea”

  1. slightlyignorant 1 February, 2009 at 10:51 am #

    Oh. My. God. Alex.
    COOOOOOOOOOOL. I love this idea, I absolutely ADORE it!!! Hopefully your Mr. R will be getting a job at or near Pratt and Smith? That would be highly convenient, I should think.
    I will be continuing with Lucy’s bit tonight, and I hope you will notice the mention of the honorable R, although of course, until they meet, they will not be able to write all that much about each other.
    But time will tell, and if they DO meet, as I believe they must, I’m sure we will manage to create a nice little game between us here!

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