Journal Part II

3 Feb

May 15th/16th,

It’s some ungodly hour in the morning and I’m stuck in some drafty little room on the edge of town. George’s Motel – Original I must say…
This town is already getting on my nerve’s everyone seems very self centered and strict – as if every step I take I’m breaking some unwritten rules.  I’ve been sitting up for the last 4 hours wondering if this is the right thing to do.
After getting off of the plane and navigating the Airport security check point’s. Waiting in line for my luggage to come trundling out on the little conveyor belt. I’m always surprised at how torn up and rusty stuff looks after traveling through the airport and airplanes that make up so much of our lives. My little weekend bag is grotty and the handle has snapped, so I’m left struggling with what feels like a library slung over my back. Book’s are digging into my sides at every turn making it all the more frustrating.

I took the chance to settle myself in and have a look around town – there’s a school somewhere out on the outer part of town (Pratt and Smith) but I failed to notice anyone that looked even half as intelligent as the name would suggest. The school sits in a nice location – tree lined avenue leading up to a very Gothic, monolithic and altogether foreboding gateway. There’s not much else here really, not in the centre anyway – It’s almost like everybody is trying to keep as far away from each other as possible whilst staying close to all amenities.

I called up my agent from the hotel Lobby to let him know I had arrived and hopefully get to meet the gentleman I hope to work for tomorrow morning. A place called “Gaitecs Reach” – No Internet here so I guess it will be a good old fashioned map time.


P.s – I realised my confidence really isn’t what it used to be.

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2 Responses to “Journal Part II”

  1. slightlyignorant 3 February, 2009 at 10:49 pm #

    I’m totally enjoying this too, Alex! Lucy is, as we speak, sitting down in a diner with R across from her. Perhaps R will make a move and talk to her? We shall see, won’t we? Anyway, I’ve set the scene for something to happen if possible, while meanwhile also adding to Lucy’s hatred of her situation.
    I’d love her to get involved in something mysterious!

  2. chloé 4 February, 2009 at 1:07 am #

    you couldn’t have because it’s a new photograph : ) don’t worry i am happy, life is good i just felt like being open lol.

    i’m not trying to have a baby ay the way! ; if that was what you were thinking..the pill makes me ill.
    it doesn’t bother me that i’m not a stereotype, i like being an individual, though some things i’m just like the average woman.

    ice cream man; when i’ve got more time i’ll find this entry! i don’t know how to deal with such things..i’ll get back to you x

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