Journal Part III

4 Feb

May 17th, These last couple of days have been a whirlpool of activity and excitement. I am still debating on the right cause of action so off course I will ask directions off of you. To start, nowhere in this town has a Map, I ended up using the emergency phone in some little cafe – one bonus here – they do good pancakes.

From here thing’s certainly got interesting, after giving up trying to get directions from Micheal back home I got so frustrated I hung up and took a little walk – realising I had left my jacket back at the cafe I turned back only to find as I walked under the doorway, my path blocked. The girl from the airport seemed flushed and harried. I noticed I had knocked her little book from her hand and bent to pick it up for her the strangest off thing’s happened – she knelt beside me – the look in her eye suggestive and then with a quick glance her mind was back to the task of quickly closing her diary and returning it under her arm. We both apologised. Rather sheepishly I must admit and I entered the cafe.

After grabbing my coat I was strangely struck to ask the waitress about Gaitecs Reach and even more surprisingly she smiled, laughed and said how funny it was that the girl just leaving had asked as well, but no sorry she could not help me.

Running out I caught her just on the corner and had a rather hurried conversation – explaining my name was Micheal and finding out in return there stood before me a young, intriguing girl by the name of Annie – which is funny? Seeing as I am sure I saw the name Lucy or Peggy scrawled in her little notebook. Strangely enough her questioning about Gaitecs Reach was purely some girlish fantasy and obsession with the romance of the name. I agreed with her on that – but it wasn’t why I wanted to know. Feigning a need to leave on urgent business she bid me good luck and I clumsily asked for her number, you know in case I get hit by a car or something? Would be nice to know someone half familiar isn’t to far away. What a stupid thing to say!!!

So here I am on Gaitecs Reach, found surprisingly easily after I noticed a sign half hidden by overgrown weeds and old shruburrery. An entertaining day all round, and as the sun is setting I have given up waiting for my contact – I shall have to make my way back down the rocky paths and back to my hotel before total darkness. It’s that or stuck on this creepy outcrop all night – I know what I would prefer


Seeing as I won’t be writing for a couple of day’s I’ll let SI carry on with her side of the story – leaving this cliff hanger (Bad Pun?) for you all to ponder over. Here’s a little poll if you’d like to vote on what happens next. Personally I don’t know but it’s nice to see where you want it to go.

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2 Responses to “Journal Part III”

  1. chloé 5 February, 2009 at 12:54 am #

    sounds like lust at first sight 🙂

    did she give her number in the end(?) i’m kind of left hanging not knowing lol

  2. slightlyignorant 5 February, 2009 at 8:02 pm #

    Ah, Alex! Wonderful 🙂 I’m enjoying this so much. I’ll be getting up Lucy’s next entry this weekend, so you’ll have it waiting for you when you’re back here :).

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