Journal Part IV

9 Feb

May 24th,

Journal – It has been an interesting day to say the least. Let me recount all that I remember.

After failing to meet my contact upon Gaitecs Reach I decided to head back to town as it was getting dark – Unfortunately I found myself so tired and confused that I somehow ended up off course in a field of thorny dry looking plant’s. All growing over craggy rocks and no clear path. I think I must have fallen and hit my head – that or an infection from an insect as the next things I remember where few and far between. There was a moment some time later when I found myself in a conscious state – enough to realise I needed help and pulling out my phone to dial someone, anyone. I was feeling desperate, scared and slightly confused. My senses were numbed and I could not for the life of me concentrate on any fixed thought.

Several day’s later I woke up to find myself in a cold hospital wing, surrounded by a misty white sheet. I remember nurses coming and going. Voices echoing in my head and asking me question’s, counting fingers and following lights. My life I remember thinking was like some weird experiment – nothing made sense. I was so drowsy that I don’t know when I was awake or when I was dreaming.

Too my surprise I awoke yesterday to find myself looking into a half recognised face – Annie! the girl from the plane, the girl from the cafe and now the girl sitting watching me in some hospital wing, miles from home.

It turns out that out of all the number’s I could of called hers was the first in my phone. I’m told there was a long donk, some swearing and a bleating cry of ‘Oh God!’ before my phone cut out. This girl is immense – she contacted the local mountain rescue team, took me to hospital and has been by my side for days on end waiting for me to wake. I have no way to repay her – but since she’s asked about Gaitec’s Reach, she calls me mysterious. I can sense the intrigue and have decided to tell her why I’m hear and what I’m looking for…

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One Response to “Journal Part IV”

  1. slightlyignorant 10 February, 2009 at 4:05 pm #

    Oh man, Alex, I’m going to have so much fun writing Lucy’s entry. It’s going to be the day before this though, just as R is waking up – I think so anyway. So look out for my post tonight or tomorrow, should be the next piece!

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