Journal Part V

10 Feb

I don’t know that I like this post at all. It’s not how I wanted to direct the story but because there is no plan I realised I needed to clear up some odd ends that wouldn’t make sense later on. But the whole thing feels very “Broken Sword” “Templar Knights” etc – I might actually delete it

May 25th

This night is where I lie and wait – hoping Lucy will come back – for this is her real name. As I had suspected.

I’m worried about every possible outcome – if she comes back she will be in grave danger daily, oh sure the Parazelli don’t know about her yet but I know they have agents everywhere and it is only a matter of time.

If she decides to leave me now, forget everything I told her – I fear she will be in even greater danger for very few people believe the Parazelli even exist. An organisation as old as Christ but evil to the core, history is littered with the debris of their plans gone awry. Deaths and blood being the ink they write their story with. Letting the world know there is a line, do not cross it!

Micheal is a very dear friend of mine and my agent has agreed to help me regain a little of what I lost at the hands of these Bloodthirsty cowards. I know for him, conclusive prove would really put his magazine on the map, but already there has been so much loss. My contact I came to have an interview with has recently been reported missing by the local paper. My only source to the wealth of information in the underground vaults here in Vermont – the only reason I came, I know is dead by now.

It’s how it all starts, the poet in my soul knows this is how it must end. An Eye for an Eye – they will pay for Sophie.
It’s been maybe 6 years of chasing dead end’s that has got me here. Sophie, my only companion, my girl and my love was lost on the way. The paper reported that she died in an accident at a construction yard, but I know that was not the truth.

We were in London following up on a hint about some recent activity – funding by the looks of things. I was working in the British Library, of course giving myself unfettered access to the history section. Round the corner the Natural History museum, again another wonderful source of artifacts that can all be traced back as bounty in the war’s fought by the Parazelli. My dear Sophie was researching at a dig site – the discovery of some strangely mummified corpses had got the media worked into a frenzy. Something I now know was a dead end – the Parazelli never went in for mummification, at least not in the conventional manor – cement was their preferred method.

That night she never returned to me – her death public, gross and splattered all over TV was clearly a message. Leave us alone! I remember losing my confidence, my happiness, my home, my job. It was my fault. I turned to drink, every night I would empty a bottle of Jim Bean and pass out in a puddle of my own vomit.

And then Micheal came along and helped me – he knew of the Parazelli and wanted to find enough evidence to prove they existed, he never mentioned why. But he had influence, contacts and money. He helped me back onto my feet and sent me out there to the dusty Arab lands in search of information. I passed through so many countries in those following years that my passport looked like a child’s drawing, visas and entry stamps overlapping on every corner.

And then I gave up – the trail had grown cold until now. I spent a long time on my own again, not speaking to anyone, not even Micheal until he convinced me to come here. Apparently he had heard from a mysterious source that a professor in a college was writing a paper. Something to do with “The Links” a mysterious and highly biblical text. Only known in certain circles the name carried a meaning that was mystical even to the strongest of faith. How could such a thing exist when we could barely find enough evidence of one mass genocide, organised by the evil Parazelli in order for their own gains. The Links is supposed to contain a plan drawn up by one of the first members of this organisation. Apparently a bloodline heirloom that had survived through the ages to be help by one member. Held like a bible to their hearts they take the structure, the ideas, the evil and mould it to their own evil ways.

Now the trail has gone cold again. The professor is missing and I have no way of retracing his work – if it was even available. Now I have told Lucy, stupidly putting her in danger. You need a certain mind to survive when looking for the Parazelli…..

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5 Responses to “Journal Part V”

  1. chloé 11 February, 2009 at 11:52 am #

    does it worry you that she reads your blog(?)
    i think i would find that a bit weird, myself

    the fires are still bad, i’ve avoided watching the news tonight because it just angers me

    how long until you head over(?) how long is the flight btw(?)

  2. slightlyignorant 11 February, 2009 at 9:32 pm #

    I like it Alex. I really like it. Very thriller-ish and very much turning to the darkside, but I can work with it because I genuinely thought this was awesome.

    But let me know if you want to keep it or delete it – when you decide, then I’ll write another entry, but not before. We want to keep a flow to our story, after all ^_^.

  3. slightlyignorant 11 February, 2009 at 9:54 pm #

    Cool. Ok. Then tomorrow’s post should be Lucy’s Diary once more! Lucy’s side is more fun only because she didn’t have the worry of a death, a quest, and sinister characters to worry about. I suspect she’s going to be getting more serious and freaked out soon as well.
    Especially as I’ve been keeping her cousin and family out of it so far – but by something I wrote in the last post I think I’m going to manage to get Lucy good and entangled in this – maybe even more than R suspected her to be entangled!!!

  4. chloé 12 February, 2009 at 12:42 am #

    🙂 not long then
    yeah we should be in a better position by then..
    daubi is meant to be lovely my bosses have been there
    take care


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