Early Morning Comments

4 Mar

I have an Iphone – It’s quite nice to be able to read all your comments on the train in the morning. One that made me laugh out loud was on my previous post so I thought I would stick it here and reply – because it made me smile. Nothing more, nothing less. So to share a little bit of happiness:

See, now I can process this story in an appropriate manner. I was going to demand a picture but since it’s a made up tie and you’ve described it so beautifully, there isn’t a need anymore is there?
So in the case of this theoretical “super tie” that you spotted someone else wearing, I’d have to say that you seem to have taken it pretty well. I might even go so far as to say that you are secretly devastated and that this calm exterior is a total sham. If I was wearing the sexiest tie on earth, I’d be pretty pissed to learn that it is just one -of- the sexiest ties in the world. And now I’m wondering if seeing that man changed your entire perception of the tie? Or life itself? I imagine that this whole fake tie must have been a major blow and now you’re really not the same person anymore.
And that is just perfect. A dynamic story filled with a unique article of clothing that is defrauded by a random encounter in the underground, complete with a life changing experience. All the juiciness I could ask for. Thank you.

In Response:

Yes, in secret I suppose I am devastated. The fact that my unique tie, is not in fact unique defies all my believes in life. I think the only thing saving me from completely breaking down is knowing that my tie is the original. His, just a mere refraction on the space time continuum (This can happen with multi-dimentional objects). His tie is in fact non existent except by the theory of L-Space (Read T.Pratchett). Now as a simple minded youth – science isn’t my strong point so I can’t really get into the details of L-Space and re-fractional, semi potent objectional reanimation, but let me say this. My tie is the best. Simple as, his, a mere copy, an echo of the original. A cheap Chinese knock-off.

With Love,


This is a day for posting comments in my blog. Thoughts and opinions that I have shared with others. I think there are some things I have and will say today that would normally take up a post as I expand upon them and try to find the right emotions in my sentences and layout to express the thoughts and feelings in a way that I feel attached to. For now I’ll quote a few comments:

So here’s my comment – slightly more serious and also slightly questioning.

Remember my post “I bet you think this song is about you” – how we both realised something at that point. I want to ask if you are doing exactly what I was doing. Trying to find some kind of closure? Sending out a message to someone you don’t want to talk to knowing or hoping that they will read it and that your message – whatever it may be will get across to them. Allowing you to communicate on an artificial level?

I used to worry so much about people judging me, or thinking I thought or would act in a certain way but now I honestly don’t care. I used to believe I didn’t care but there was always someones opinion that mattered to me. Today I can say, I have wiped the slate clean and the only opinions that matter are those I ask for. I take them with a pinch of salt


One Response to “Early Morning Comments”

  1. chloë 5 March, 2009 at 1:39 am #

    so is that your iphone reading my blog then(?) 🙂

    ha yes i do remember because i had a post called “i bet you think this blog is about you..” : )
    with regard to that entry, i thought i got closure; re: the post you read the other day (p/word protected)

    but obviously, not. she’s still trying to play games & this was my way of saying “hey, i’ve had enough, i know what you’re doing, fuck off”
    i don’t hope she’ll read it, i know she will

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