The urgency of the beast

4 Apr

Rushing too, and from – the beast brings to the fore our urgency to obey the strictest of rules, the schedule and the time.

To respect the awesome power and strength, wrought in iron, steel and steam. Electricity coursing through the veins giving this creation life.
Much like the story of frankensteins monster. This is our creation.
Society’s monster, a monstrous engine – with bolts in its head and electricity to power its brain. But unlike Frankensteins monster – over the centuries we have clearly perfected the science of creation.

It does beg the question though. Why are we so urgent to get to or from the train. Is it the size? or the urgency of a meeting. To get home maybe?

Whatever the cause. I am bemused constantly when walking through stations that everybody is rushing. Like little hobgoblins – bringing gold to the beast, in the hopes of not getting burnt alive, burnt maybe to a crisp and devoured by the metaphorical dragon. Bring back the steam engine and watch as the dragon snorts the flame. The smoke rising from the belly of the beast.

Take away the rails and let this awesome creation of science, fiction and imagination roam free across the lands, give back its leather wings and remove its leather seats for surely a creature of this might should not be shackled to its tracks – driven by one small man – up and down the tracks. Life never taking any direction.

Take heed of these words – know that when, and it will happen. When the beast breaks free I hope your urgency to retreat from or enter it’s domain has taken you to a place of safety. For when the beast is free it shall roam and the lands will burn in revolution. One freed will after a time, release it’s fellows. If you go to the COOP for a loaf of bread beware that you may be stalked as prey by the trains.

Evolution and natural selection will leave only the strongest to survive and breed – to change and take over a world we think we rule. Opposable thumbs our only concession in the battle for control.

Listen here, you have been warned!


3 Responses to “The urgency of the beast”

  1. slightlyignorant 4 April, 2009 at 4:47 pm #

    Wow. This is an incredible post, Alex. I love your descriptions of the trains, and the slight doomsday feel you give the whole thing. You might have meant it as pure comedy, and it’s entertaining for sure, but I think the writing is simply superb and it’s a great premises for a story – a horror story about the tube trains shedding their tunnels and climbing above-ground to devour London.

    • Alex Towler 4 April, 2009 at 5:22 pm #


      You make me blush – this post is pure hogswash – especially in comparisson to your epic wonderous writing. Your stories consistently encourage your readers to become entranced.

      I am however, glad that you enjoyed the post – the slight doomsday effect is born out of a boredom from working this reception desk. I love how you can picture the story evolving. I am giggling at the idea of the trains breaking free from their shackles, exiting the dark murky tunnels to take back the daylight. heehh I feel so dramatic today

      p.s – hope you are well

      • slightlyignorant 4 April, 2009 at 5:43 pm #

        It is NOT hogwash. And I think you write brilliantly, especially when you don’t realize that’s what you’re doing :P.

        Thanks for your compliments as well ^_^.

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