6 Apr

A short story based on something I found in my Archive. In the quotes is the original and below is what I turned it to.

He sat on a park bench and fought to keep the winter chills at bay whilst He waited for His lift. Finally many hours after dark a small rusted car pulled into the lane and up onto the curb. A small bird flitted out of life and into His world.

“Get in, Quick” It was a short whispered shout. Then they were gone, driving into the misty darkness and away.

Lucus was bored, it was a Sunday afternoon and the sun was hidden behind a never ending veal of cloud. He got up and walked out of his room and down the hall into a small modern kitchen, selecting carefully he picked out the longest knife he could find and began to make a cheese sandwich, slicing the cheese into wafer thin sides before laying them gently onto the buttered bread and then smothering the whole lot in Salad cream, it was his one downfall he thought. Cheese, of all the things he could care about most.

When the most important task of the day was done it was time to have some fun.

The park was laced with winter snow. A bench sat neatly against the path, resting upon it’s wooden frame was a tall, slim built figure. Dark and hooded – our mysterious man seemed bathed in a gentle glow.

Rubbing his hands together Xiel fought of the winter chills. Waiting for the car to arrive was mundane and ordinary,  it took all his will to stop from bringing a fiery furnace down upon the heads of the morning dog walkers. A small robin landed next to him and looked up. Luckily robin’s have no imagination. For a human to look into those eyes would of brought an eternity of suffering – like looking into the fiery pits of hell – ashen grey and lifeless, a feeling of dread – the pain and suffering of thousands visited upon one. Driven to insanity shortly there after any human or creature of intelligence would of committed mass murder, suicide and finally lain down to suffer a punishment for eternity – reaping on humanities sins.

Luckily for the robin he just fell, stone dead.

“hmmm” Another soul thought Xiel – the small energy release made him sigh with pleasure.

A screech could be heard in the distance and then, thundering around the corner came a jet black Mercedes – driven by a city banker. Pulsing with raw energy came to rest by the park gates. Xial calmly stepped inside.

In another part of town it was time for Lucas to awake. The alarm was calling out like a siren – screeching and tinny from his mobile phone – no snooze button was available and as such could be seen flying across the room. Roughly slapped into oblivion as he fought to raise himself from this stupor.


2 Responses to “Fire”

  1. slightlyignorant 6 April, 2009 at 7:31 pm #

    This is incredible!!! Oh gosh, you should SO keep writing this. It sounds vaguely Pratchetty, don’t know why, but something about the whole flow of the words felt a bit like him. Anyway, I’m definitely intrigued, I think you should continue this somehow.

  2. chloë 7 April, 2009 at 9:48 am #

    hii alex, i’m well how are you(?)
    a fellow blogger sent me a link to a pdf copy of the CS3 manual, i’ve forwarded it to your email 🙂

    i’m really tired so i can’t seem to follow your story, will come back & read when i’m more alive (lol)

    it’s well written what i’ve read – like slightlyig. keep writting

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