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An unpublished

24 Feb

So this post was written several days ago on my Iphone but it doesn’t seem to have published. I wanted to send out this spliced up message a combination of my own words and Eminems but it’s not really out their for everyone. Just a few, if it’s you I hope you read it.

So this is my goodbye I’m sending – I hope you hear it.
I can’t really say goodbye, so long. So instead self sabotage with hate and anger to mask the fear. It’s been a long time but these last few months it’s all piled up and I can’t deal with it anymore – it might only be a small thing but I don’t think we can be friends anymore – I’m leaving soon and don’t want to say goodbye because I love you and care for you – you were the best friend and will always be remembered as such. But I think your priorities and goals, direction and self have changed to much, so much so.  You don’t support me anymore – I don’t think you ever take my side – do you want me to be happy or is there some other agenda? I don’t know anymore but it’s too hard to figure out the uncertainty, the intrigue and the bloody politics of everything. It all feels so underhand and designed for your own purposes – these words really I don’t understand. Anyway, enough. Goodbye, sorry and good luck. With love x


Does the word Nigger offend you?

15 Sep

UPDATE: A lot of people read this. I would very much appreciate your thoughts and comments

It’s funny the power of words. The difference in affect a word can have, in different communities, across countries, across the globe. The word Nigger is one of these, over time due to politics, political correctness, equality, racism. Everything really. The word has gone through so many changes, from being used everyday as a description, to becoming an insult, and to finally today. Where on one side of the world it is seem as a racism comment – which is slowly changing even now. On the other side of the world it is being “Reclaimed”. In all these communities there are groups of people using one word in completely different context’s.

For some calling a person a Nigger is seen as racist, where as for others it is descriptive. In other groups the term is used both as a compliment and a sign of one-ness, of brotherhood. Whilst at the same time can be used as an insult.

What I wonder, does the word Nigger offend you? What about all the other words in this great language that have such subtle nuances from one house to the next.

If you think about it, words can only hurt if you want them too, surely if, logically, you can take a word in any context then it cannot offend….

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Race & Religion seperating the masses

12 Sep

I understand that segregation and labels cause issues in communities.What I don’t understand though is why as a race we cannot recognise a few basic facts. Religion and money clearly play a part in the issues we face today. A big part at that. Continue reading

Cure to a non-existant disease

10 Sep

I think today I’m just in a bad mood, I’m sure its perfectly normal male PMS. Bad mood started yesterday afternoon when I noticed the below advert in the newspaper.

Autism Solution (WTF)

Autism Solution (WTF)

There’s a few obvious things wrong with this advert which to be frank I don’t feel like getting into else this will turn into a pointless rant about how you Continue reading

Corruption by Stats

8 Sep

This blog was half written on the train this morning the good old fashioned way.

Blog by Biro

Blog by Biro

I woke up this morning and for the first time in a long time I was thinking about what I wanted to write. So instead of reading Harry Potter and listening to some dodgy wanna-be punk rock I’ve grabbed an old envelope, whilst searching for a pen almost missed my train. Here I am now. Continue reading