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The Pit, Down the Alley, Opposite McDonalds

7 Jul

“The Pit, Down the Alley, Opposite McDonalds” – That’s where I ended up Sunday night. Let’s backtrack.

After being here for a couple of day’s I began to feel really dispirited, I haven’t really spoken to any people in my Hostel and it’s miserable weather, I don’t know what to do and every cell in my body is telling me to just forget it and go home. I’ve organised to go with some UK peoples and their Great Aunt and Uncle up the Great Ocean Road towards the 12 Apostle.
Saturday morning arrives and i’m on the road. We stop occassionally along the way to take pictures and to relax a little. Not sure where but im in Australia, on the Great Ocean Road and it finally feels like i’m having a little adventure and seeing some new things. We stop in a town and for an hour or so we all jump around in the sea and take pictures, paddling and chasing seagulls, Nelson looks on a little disprovingly, but eventually even he joins in and decides to have a little fun with the seagulls.

We spent to the night in Apollo Bay where I stay in a surf side Hostel and meet a few people travelling in the opposite direction to us. It’s a fun night as we kill time playing pool with Andrea from Russia who’s studying to be a lawyer in Syndey. Small world. We leave with a pomise to catch up for a drink later when we are both back in Sydney. A promise I intend to keep for he is a decent fellow and it will be nice to be shown some places by a local.

The next day we manage to reach the Apostles and wander up through some beautiful clive sides admiring the power of the sea and the beauty of our surrounds. Well, at least I did.

I slept on the way home and that early evening I spoke with Flo and explained how I was feeling about Melbourne in general, how I was melancholy and did not know many people yet. I was feeling a little down as I still felt very trapped in Melbourne and unsure of to how to spend my time. After a short chat I decided that enough was enough and went and had a random conversation with some guy’s playing cards. We got on rather well and were all hanging out together most of the night whilst I spoke with a guy who was actually staying in the same room as me. We played pool and table tennis and generally had a good time that night. After they had gone to bed I bumped into a Kiwi who looks like Rolf Harris and we had chat’s about some rather random things. We spoke with one of the Bar staff and ended up all going to a club called “The Pit”, originally built as a bar for the staff of “The Crown” casino to retire after work. A recent refurb has enabled this small hidden little place to become a right gem only admitting hospitallity staff. Unbeknownst to the bouncer’s I was blagging for all my worth and managed to get in, where we stayed until around 5am and then stumbled back to the Hostel for 2 hours sleep where my alarm reminds me, and the poor guy in the bunk below that I am supposed to be up and off to the station.

I’ve decided to visit Albury, a town north of Melbourne and just over the border into NSW. As I sat back reading Pies and Prejudice I realised that my feelings of this country being like a big version of the UK might be slightly unfounded.

The train is speeding through lush green fields and rolling hills, forested countryside that could almost be kent.
The misty morning clears around me to reveal blue cloudy skies and sheep, sheep and cow’s everywhere. Which is no surprise given the nature of the countryside.

The train cuts a path northwards and my sense of adventure is at a high, thrilling. The train announcer entices me to purchase a Devonshire tea at $5.40 its an unresistable bargain, of course I will definetely be doing that.

Even after this, there is still an undeniably western feel to the place, except of course the lamas in the backyard, giant semi permanent pools and the low hanging ucalyptus trees.

Australia’s beauty is more obviously now definetely not within it’s modern, close packed cities. Melbourne thrives on a reputation of culture, food, music and film. An obviously unresistable temptation to the modern day backpacker. Alas for it is still 2 weeks wait for an australian film festival here in Melbourne and I cannot decide if it will be worthwhile.

Albury, war memorial, dean st, lunch, trout, green beans, etc, Nelson!!! Aboriginal, sunset, sleep St Kilda, plans to hire car.


So long Motherfuckers!!!!

19 Jun

Today is my last day in my current job before I leave for Australia. I’m fighting this internal instinct to go on a rampage of anger and destruction. Destroying all in my path and leaving in a blaze of fire and intent. Destruction to the limits. Or some such. To be honest it’s only my sense of pride, responsibillity and proffessionalism that is stopping my commiting IT career suicide and bringing down all hell fire.

So long MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! swearing makes me feel better. It’s such a nice release of frustrations and limitations. I don’t even know WHY I feel like this

Protected: This is for you

7 Apr

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27 Mar

Today I was:

Hungry for Houmous, an alliteration of almost asymetrical lyrical lies.

The word’s above don’t make sense, hense forth tomorrow I shall shower in a sea of shallow scallops.

The man who can’t be moved

7 Mar
The man who cant be moved

The man who cant be moved

The irony of this moment may not be obvious at first glance. Today feels like the first time in ages that I have spent doing my thing, on my own. Just mellow enjoying the outside. A little interaction. Sun shining and wind blowing through my hair, giving myself a chance to breathe with no worries or fears.Time to think about the future and to consider things and the people that are important to me.I walked along the Thames, the beaches, swept clear by the tide. Sand laid high and flat. An artists dream. An opportunity to express.I spent the time with a stick on the riverbank drawing silly pictures that made me smile. I met up with some people I haven’t seen in ages and realised a sad, a depressing and brutally honest fact. These people I have known for a relatively short period of time have made more of an effort to spend time with me before I leave than those I once considered closest to me. Alas. People and things change.Today I had a chance to laugh at humanity, opportunity and instinct.

Being washed away

Being washed away

Today I drew a picture in the sand. A man holding a picture of a girl. Saying “If you see this girl can you tell her where I am” the words slightly offset spelling out “and one day your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I can be?” – It was the man who can’t be moved. To make me smile the surf slowly erasing my hard work. Eventually the man who can’t be moved. Well, he will be moved. Erased

I looked down at the scene, smiling at the irony, watching people take pictures of my drawing and wondering to myself if really, maybe, for a moment. The man who can’t be moved. Forever frozen in a picture and a memory, surf or no surf, forever.

Early Morning Comments

4 Mar

I have an Iphone – It’s quite nice to be able to read all your comments on the train in the morning. One that made me laugh out loud was on my previous post so I thought I would stick it here and reply – because it made me smile. Nothing more, nothing less. So to share a little bit of happiness:

See, now I can process this story in an appropriate manner. I was going to demand a picture but since it’s a made up tie and you’ve described it so beautifully, there isn’t a need anymore is there?
So in the case of this theoretical “super tie” that you spotted someone else wearing, I’d have to say that you seem to have taken it pretty well. I might even go so far as to say that you are secretly devastated and that this calm exterior is a total sham. If I was wearing the sexiest tie on earth, I’d be pretty pissed to learn that it is just one -of- the sexiest ties in the world. And now I’m wondering if seeing that man changed your entire perception of the tie? Or life itself? I imagine that this whole fake tie must have been a major blow and now you’re really not the same person anymore.
And that is just perfect. A dynamic story filled with a unique article of clothing that is defrauded by a random encounter in the underground, complete with a life changing experience. All the juiciness I could ask for. Thank you.

In Response:

Yes, in secret I suppose I am devastated. The fact that my unique tie, is not in fact unique defies all my believes in life. I think the only thing saving me from completely breaking down is knowing that my tie is the original. His, just a mere refraction on the space time continuum (This can happen with multi-dimentional objects). His tie is in fact non existent except by the theory of L-Space (Read T.Pratchett). Now as a simple minded youth – science isn’t my strong point so I can’t really get into the details of L-Space and re-fractional, semi potent objectional reanimation, but let me say this. My tie is the best. Simple as, his, a mere copy, an echo of the original. A cheap Chinese knock-off.

With Love,


This is a day for posting comments in my blog. Thoughts and opinions that I have shared with others. I think there are some things I have and will say today that would normally take up a post as I expand upon them and try to find the right emotions in my sentences and layout to express the thoughts and feelings in a way that I feel attached to. For now I’ll quote a few comments:

So here’s my comment – slightly more serious and also slightly questioning.

Remember my post “I bet you think this song is about you” – how we both realised something at that point. I want to ask if you are doing exactly what I was doing. Trying to find some kind of closure? Sending out a message to someone you don’t want to talk to knowing or hoping that they will read it and that your message – whatever it may be will get across to them. Allowing you to communicate on an artificial level?

I used to worry so much about people judging me, or thinking I thought or would act in a certain way but now I honestly don’t care. I used to believe I didn’t care but there was always someones opinion that mattered to me. Today I can say, I have wiped the slate clean and the only opinions that matter are those I ask for. I take them with a pinch of salt

Journal Part VIII

2 Mar

May 31st,

Journal – I find it hard to believe that in the short time I have been here so much has changed and so much has happened. We spent all day in the Library and finally found a clue. Totally by accident the Librarian mentioned that one of the professor’s – who has no left used to spend a lot of time in the deep archives – the catacombs beneath the school now used for storage of older and older material. It seems like the whole town’s history is here beneath these floors. Chamber upon chamber stacked high with books. The lighting flickers eerily as we get down books and slides – looking for anything.

The proffessor – were told spent a lot of time in the “Ancient Mythology” section and so there we have focused our search. Looking for a clue.

Out of nowhere it seems, Lucy knocks over a stack of papers we had read previously, and there, beneath the mess a hand written n0te. 946.3 – History of our Times. I’m sure something is hidden in that small shelf way in the back of the old chambers. But it is an amazing discovery.

On a different note I have become very attached to Lucy. Sitting in the darker chambers I have found my eyes drifting up to hers and feeling a blush rise to my cheeks. This is what I was afraid off. I kissed her on the cheek as we left each other today and made my way back to my lodgings. Now I sit here writing and wondering how she took it. Was it a friendly gesture or something more? Shes still a girl, a woman maybe but at such a point that I feel I could be taking advantage of her. I know I am not an old man, but I feel it from my troubles. Now I am bringing her further and further into danger. Looking for resolutions, I want to lay to rest these troubles of my past and move on. The anger still burns inside me.