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A little truth in a short poem

9 Apr

A short reflection of self with a poem about me :D, of course written by me.

I am a poet, at heart and at soul.
My mind corrupts and my mouth destroys,

Therefore I write.
The language of the soul,
Used, to echo the truth from my heart.


My recent status

19 Dec

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Random Cooking Video

27 Sep

Er, I do things for no reason sometimes, just check out the grass im growing on my windowsill…..

Enjoy 😀

Untold Tale

24 Sep


A hazy Autumnal mist has appeared over night and is sat crouching over Split City, its presence make’s the darkness even more prominent, the fear stronger – for those that know and live, life takes a turn for the worse when the mist moves in.

Once, year’s ago, people had a reason to carry on, people had a reason to fight but after generations had fallen again and again the moral had been lost by most. Rival gang’s from the north and south had clashed on so many occasions that all but one of the cities once magnificent bridges had been destroyed.

Now the great snaking river, known only for its power rages from east to west giving this fallen city it’s once revered name.

One bridge has survived though – after a final and terrible battle. The Holder’s broke code and stepped in, taking control of both the Bridge and The Monopoly. Along the underside of this Bridge is where our story begins…. Continue reading