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This is my stage

28 Oct

EDIT: Update, my friend has been busy and is waiting to get the book to me this weekend. I havent posted another blog becasue I don’t want to forget this project of exploration. I get easily distraceted. I havent abandoned you guys 🙂 10/11/08

My friend has promised to lend me a book/pamphlet out lining what Jehovah Witnesses believe and why they do. I love having discussions about religion and faith because these are clearly at the heart and soul of so many people’s life’s giving direction and hope to so many. Wether good or bad, the direction people go is down to each individual but still faith will guide them.

I would like to take a few posts up with a study of my believe and how it differs from many other’s. I think that I may have a very logical view of many things and so the study and questioning is more enjoyable for me than having the conviction that faith brings. Before I go on let me make some thing’s clear. This is my stage, my forum, my plinth and my palace. This is how I think and feel and you don’t need to read or believe any of it. Secondly – The Bible is a book and as such I will make comparisons between this best seller and another that millions of people know, Harry Potter. This may take the seriousness away from my posts but rest assured everything I say, I think, feel and most certainly mean.


Power of Words

18 Sep

Word’s clearly have a power over people, there’s an openness to them that make people stop and think. At first when I received the email from my father I wasn’t sure what to think and how to feel. I know he had been reading it, or at least knew it was there. There is a difference between him and my mother. I’ve grown up with her and she knows what I’m like, she understands the brutality of my thoughts and honesty in how I think, it’s just me, I don’t mean any harm but I’m not going to change because I don’t want to be someone else. Continue reading