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Naked Wireless

22 Apr

I recently brought a Bluetooth headset for my IPod and as is only natural have taken every opportunity to walk around my flat naked wearing only my headset listening to some nice misc. Very nice.

There’s no real purpose or thought behind this post really. I’m sitting on the train and feel the need to write. I#’m slightly scared of the swan song….
Writing my last entry without realising would be even worse. But Im happy and relaxed and for once my mind is not running in circles constantly. 2 goals, both achievable. 1 love. Very nice 🙂

Now for the running commentary –

Hopefull a fat person won’t sit next to me…..

6:57 – Sidcup station, large man, pink shirt. Fuck! Terhe’s a gap between us but if some fatty sits down next I’ll be stuck between a wall and a fat person.
Music – Jack Johnson

07:00 – New Eltham Station. Skinny lady, beige coat, metro. Some lttle boy on the front – apparently a 12 year old kiler. What a little bastard!!!. I’m slightly nervous at how close people are, that they could read this. I need some kind of “Don’t look at my screen” shield.
Music – Dirty Pretty Things

07:03 – Mottingham Station. I’m safe. All the seats in my area are taken up but I’m snnoyed that I managed to pick a seat in front of the old lady who would drop coffee by my feet.
Music – Dirty Pretty Things

07:05 – Lee Station. I’ve just realised this train stops more frequently than busses how do I manage to ever get to work on time.
Music – Linkin Park

07:06 – I’m bored of this commentary, going to read.


My recent status

19 Dec

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Power of Words

18 Sep

Word’s clearly have a power over people, there’s an openness to them that make people stop and think. At first when I received the email from my father I wasn’t sure what to think and how to feel. I know he had been reading it, or at least knew it was there. There is a difference between him and my mother. I’ve grown up with her and she knows what I’m like, she understands the brutality of my thoughts and honesty in how I think, it’s just me, I don’t mean any harm but I’m not going to change because I don’t want to be someone else. Continue reading

Confusions of a Teenage mind.

17 Sep

Apparently I have another blog sitting out their on the internet. I found it this morning. I guess it just goes to show that maybe I really have been battling with writers block for a while now.


Capturing a moment

7 Sep

Photo’s and Word’s. That’s real art. The capture of a moment, a feeling. So perfectly.

I love the discovery of something that so sums up what I’m thinking, how I’m feeling.

I hope Gamb doesn’t mind me quoting her: Continue reading

Who’s ever going to read this?

5 Sep

Its a question, but it doesn’t need an answer, and maybe that’s the point. In the dark corner, a hidden IP on the Internet. This page here will forever sit on computers and servers all over the world constantly ignored and forgotten, passed and glossed over.

It’s perfect, for in this public domain an experience of writing of exploration and thoughtful understanding of ones self and environment. You have a freedom and a hope – freedom to right and say and think and feel exactly however you like and hope – maybe someone will read this and share a lost moment of understanding. Maybe even happiness because in a single moment, word after word – dawns the knowledge and acceptance that you are never alone. Never completely individual. A link I suppose.

We Are The MTV Generation Everything Bothers Us.                         chewbacca! says:
it takes balls to be honest
We Are The MTV Generation Everything Bothers Us.                         chewbacca! says:
even if no ones reading

I can talk about how and why I suddenly feel so introvert and try to explain this to myself and to others – maybe its just a passing time? Who knows.

There’s always going to be someone who affects you in ways you can’t understand. You’ll have thoughts and words never voiced, questions never answered, here’s the chance to grab that little bit of hope that maybe they will see this. Maybe for some reason, somehow they find this and understand exactly who you are thinking off when you write. Then its OK, the questions been asked and answered in a way that needs no words voiced, no gut wrenching moment where your teetering on the edge and it could go either way. Social interactions in a digital world.

I have a question. Your happy and constantly praising and encouraging others and here’s that moment. What about you? Who ever really believes in you, who tells you, who shows it? Are you constantly out their pushing peoples spirits and publicly encouraging and complementing because really – its one of those things missing from your life. Validation? Respect? Acknowledgment that your a good person, you do well and should be proud.

This is my way of telling you, its my way of showing the whole world, shouting from my little corner. You fascinate and scare me but I think your wonderful and should be proud of everything you do day in and day out. There really isn’t anyone quite like you and your special.

Here’s another question. Am I just projecting?