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Hide behind the smile

13 Mar

Sometimes in this job you have to wrap it all up and hide the emotions behind the smile. Some break….

I don’t even know if/when im coming home. How do I know im ready – I’m pretty certain I know whats waiting for me back in the UK and if I left once then whats to stop me, lets face it – if it wasnt enough before then it definitely won’t be enough if I go back after experiencing a different life.

So the road is long and winding, and that’s life. The direction you take is yours to make. When the path ends, well that’s yours aswell. Once you leave the road life’s a cul-de-sac, a roundabout. It doesn’t change.

What to do, what to do.


Music, Photography and Clockmotion

12 Sep
Clock Motion....

Clock Motion....

Yesterday I was obsessing about time and music. I made this little stop motion movie looking at manipulating time. It’s not the greatest but it achieved what I wanted.

The great thing is that music makes all the difference, there are two versions of the same song used in these stop motion videos but they feel, to me. Extremely different.

It’s also inspiring me to carry on and do a few similar projects that are a lot better done.

Anyway here’s the vids – enjoy. Come back later for some other posts….maybe. Continue reading