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Pretentious sandwhich shops and TShirt designs

23 Dec

Morning wanderings always give me something to think about, something to say and some silly thought to have.

First of the rant:

At what point did it become ok for these pretentious sneering sandwhich shops to exhist. This morning I want round the corner to this little sanwhich shop near Fenchurch Street, on reccommendation I might add. The store was decorated like most of these places. Shiny, silky and metallic. Lot’s of glass fronted cabinets – and for some reason rows and rows of Brown Sauce. By the looks of this place I could get what I wanted – spotty twenty something girl behind counter looks up at me and smiles. Pleasant enough. “Can I get a sausage and egg sandwhich please with some Ketchup”

It’s 11am, middle of London, I’m hungry, they have bottles of brown sauce as decoration….

“Sorry breakfast is over. I can’t do you egg but if you go down to the other end they guys can give you sausage. We also have a collection of cold meats”

Simple rant goes – WTF!!!!!!!!

Now the T-Shirt design, prepare to be wow’ed beyond your wildest dreams.

You know how tempting it is to touch Wet Paint signs…..Tshirt with “Wet Paint” printed in large letters 😀 – On the back it’ll say “You Know You Want To” ehhehe It would have to be made to look like the sign is taped on and everything



Random Cooking Video

27 Sep

Er, I do things for no reason sometimes, just check out the grass im growing on my windowsill…..

Enjoy 😀