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Night dreams, paranoia and epathy

12 Feb

I’ve just gotten home. Ended up working more then twelve hours. Got to station and ended up in a conversation with some drunk girls. Got on train and then get told it’s suddenly diverted to a different line. After this I ended up waiting for 40 minutes for the next train. Now obviously it’s a bad day already and I want to get home to sleep.
I wonder what is so weird in my mind that the thought that came to me as I walked to my door. A daydream of sorts that walking through my door finding myself being burgled, a man walking past with my laptop under my arm. My reaction to this odd occurance was to walk on bye and just wave them away saying – whatever nothing can get worse. So surprised by this the burglers put my stuff down, left my house and me in peace. Now I am wondering if there is something in a dream book. Some psychological explanation for a completlet irrational moment. Something that makes no sense.