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Scare mongering

28 Sep

I’m getting pretty fed up with all the scare mongering going on at the moment.why do the media want to cause fear and panic. There’s a certain evilness there that I can’t stand. I think there should be a designated government official who can go around with a megaphone and call out “it’s ok, we have a plan. Nothing to worry about” it’s that or publish a leaflet, printed in large friendly letters on the front saying. “don’t panic” problem solved.

Alternatively on my travels If those ideas don’t work I’ll think of something else. Take the population expansion everyone was freaking out about a few weeks ago. Travelling past Lewisham I was hit with a sudden brain wave. Being how depressing Lewisham Is anyway all we would need to do is send James Blunt their as a missionary. I can almost guarantee the population would drop significantly. Of course if by the slightest chance that fails and someone shoots James. Well what can I say. Kill two birds with one stone….


Cure to a non-existant disease

10 Sep

I think today I’m just in a bad mood, I’m sure its perfectly normal male PMS. Bad mood started yesterday afternoon when I noticed the below advert in the newspaper.

Autism Solution (WTF)

Autism Solution (WTF)

There’s a few obvious things wrong with this advert which to be frank I don’t feel like getting into else this will turn into a pointless rant about how you Continue reading