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When the words won’t come

14 Apr

When the word’s won’t come. To untie the knots in your stomache. What do you do?

How can you express and understand this feeling. I don’t know if I have the words.

I want to describe this longing that drags at every cell of my body. This knowledge, and comfort in what I want. The fear of losing. Too many questions in my head right now.


A little truth in a short poem

9 Apr

A short reflection of self with a poem about me :D, of course written by me.

I am a poet, at heart and at soul.
My mind corrupts and my mouth destroys,

Therefore I write.
The language of the soul,
Used, to echo the truth from my heart.

Forbidden Love and Lust

22 Oct

Love is not the greatest emotion ever. With it’s trixy ways and incredible likeness – Lust has moved to the fore. We now have to contend not only with Lady luck but the formidable temptress of Forbidden Lust.

Talking from experience, I hear “No” and take it as an invite, a challenge, a goal. The power of denial takes hold to such a degree that the confusions between Love and Lust become so entangled that they are undistinguish-able.

I’m certain that we all want what we can’t, shouldn’t have. But I think I have it slightly worse. It’s in my nature particularly strongly to want to be with someone else. To share happiness, joy, and kisses in the dark. Holding hands could lead to a walk down a dangerous path. For the wrenching emptiness is crying out to be filled. This forced separation that I have put on myself, this wall, where I block all my natural instincts in favour of healing a heart, too many times broken.

This stupidity of keeping a distance from anyone I might get close to is seriously battling against my self constraint and logic. Those emotions and thoughts that all tell me its wrong. In words – My Head is once more doing battle with My Heart. And losing, all I really want is that connection, maybe even the certain tingling and warmth that can only be felt from a lovers embrace.

FF7 & Harry Potter

23 Sep

I’m writing this as I sit here listening to Aeris’s theme song. Performed by a Japanese orchestra, I can’t really tell weather it’s bringing out the best or the worst in me, it’s certainly making me think.

Interesting meme that one. Aeris, the flower girl who stole so many hearts and will continue to do so for so many years.Aeris means Earth…so clever. Some people just don’t understand

Sponge (c ) the word lveo – Swing Life Away says:
shes Aeris
Sponge (c ) the word lveo – Swing Life Away says:
I shouldnt need to say more
-VB says:
and so whosee the flower girl?

How do we really manage to form such strong connections with characters of fiction, for many of my generation there was Aeris from a simple computer game and in this generation people have Harry Potter and Dumbledore.

Surely this is another example how words, stories, music. When you combine them right can really bring out the best in people. We can be united against a common foe in our love for a character. Continue reading