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Spam Comments – Relevance?

4 Dec

I don’t think I have the ability to structure my thoughts for long enough to expand on my previous ideas. My mind likes to jump up and down, round and round and as such here’s a comment that the Anti-Spam thingy on WordPress found

“Dear Brother/ Sister in faith…

Now a fact is I don’t do Q&A’s but when it comes to religion I leave you with something to think about.

Feel free to browse around:


I love how it’s clearly targeted at me. I’m a little scared though because I’m sure I never told anyone about the sex change operation. I’m guessing somehow one of the cute nurses thought she’d look me up and found this link somewhere (Facebook maybe?).

Hi Lucy – Thanks for the comments. Maybe we should do coffee sometime? I’m dying to try out the new, er, equipment you and your buddies at the hospital gave me. Send my love x


Hospital and Friendship

20 Sep

My friend got taken into hospital last night, emergency due to a suspected appendicitis. I was very tired and drunk, I was asleep in fact when my flat mate told me. (He’s dating her) so I ended up falling back to sleep and not even remembering in the morning, turns out he had been up all night fretting, as soon as I even stirred just to feed my fish and slump back into bed he was knocking on my door.

So I’m in the kitchen sorting out some bit’s, apparently my friends mum is coming to pick us up in a short while so we can go see her. My flat mate is up in his room on the phone to his manager explaining the situation. Continue reading