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Hide behind the smile

13 Mar

Sometimes in this job you have to wrap it all up and hide the emotions behind the smile. Some break….

I don’t even know if/when im coming home. How do I know im ready – I’m pretty certain I know whats waiting for me back in the UK and if I left once then whats to stop me, lets face it – if it wasnt enough before then it definitely won’t be enough if I go back after experiencing a different life.

So the road is long and winding, and that’s life. The direction you take is yours to make. When the path ends, well that’s yours aswell. Once you leave the road life’s a cul-de-sac, a roundabout. It doesn’t change.

What to do, what to do.


No – Thank you!

18 Apr

I’m not an idiot – far from it thank you very much. So if I’m standing there behind the till when I have just paid for my Newspapers would you stop looking at me like an idiot and saying “Thank you”, how about you listen the first time when I ask for a receipt – “Waht?!?!” is really not the best or politest answer when you miss what someone says – you brain dead moron! Your working behind a till, I know its early morning and your tired. I work on a reception desk on Saturday’s, I work in IT support the rest of the week, I’m working 6 days a week and then some, so. Basically don’t act like you struggle to get to work in the morning. How difficult is a smile and a little politeness. I don’t want your respect or your undying affection. Just some half decent service. So, No – Thank You! stop repeating the same thing until I get the picture and leave. GAhhhhhh


14 Jan

Work has been hectic recently, my life has consisted of working hard, coming home and sleeping so sorry for the lack of posts.

I’ve been thinking a lot today about the idea of relocating. I plan to travel Australia for a year in about 5 months now, time flies. My general outlook towards life, friends, family generally is very negative and pessimistic at the moment. I know that most thing’s that are irreplaceable – Family, Old trusted friendships, will never really go anywhere, if I were to leave and return at some point even if for short visits then my friends and family would be just where I left them. Somewhere on this small island that is slowly penning it’s citizens down until we won’t be able to wipe our asses without someone standing there watching and taking notes.

I haven’t truly considered the overall implications of the idea but most of me is already planning ahead in silence. It’s what I do best. My mind has already said – If I like it, why not stay, why not develop a new – free-er, more nomadic lifestyle. What’s to stop me? Really, sometimes you have to be selfish and say to your friends, say to your family – I’m not coming back.
I think in my situation it would only be my friend’s that would say the word’s “I don’t want you to go” or similar. I know my mum quite well and she knows if I get something in my head there’s nothing she could say to stop me or change my mind. I respect that a lot – I know that she would miss me and care, worry and think of me. But I also know she would be proud of me going out into the world and living it, being happy and making the most of what I have been given. I love my mum, for this especially.

If you guy’s haven’t noticed there is now a link in my blogroll to Richmeister so check it out, a guy who started like me, on a one year working visa and is planning to stay for another year possibly more. The blog seems to center around his trials and tribulations – work, accommodation and travel plans. Much like life is for me here in the UK. I guess one thing to take from it is that the grass isn’t necessarily greener and maybe you can’t escape the trivialities of life – but then he is in IT like me…maybe I should be a botanist, I certainly love growing plants, well, grass.

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I’m at the top

11 Sep

I always set my goals high, the reasoning is simple really. If I want to achieve anything I have to keep pushing forward.

I always believed that if I set my goals higher than I actually thought possible then as long as I strife for them I would get to a point where I was happy and be able to set new goals in new directions. As I get older my goals are changing, sure I am still determined but I want different things from life, new experiences I never really thought possible until now. Continue reading