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Final equality and Chivalry

21 May

I think I have probably written my thoughts on this previously, but I have a new Netbook (Asus EEEPC 1000HE) so I’m lying here on my couch typing and its very nice. Nice keyboard :D. Anyway, I think I was prompted to this thought watching men race for train seats on our overcrowded train service today. I woman gave one gentleman a look of pure, the word can only really be anger. At his sheer cheek to not offer her his seat. Well my dear…you did want equality right?

For years and years women have been complaining, fighting and coercing until they have a semblance of equality. Ok, if I don’t disclaimer now I’m sure someone is going to correct me that there are still glaring omissions to equality between men and women. I’ll tell you now that the chance is, it’s YOUR FAULT. Ok maybe not you personally, but let’s try to generalise here for the sake of a balanced argument of sorts. Women ARE different from men. Yes? we can agree there I am sure. So yes, your bodies aren’t as well suited to certain jobs. You know, heavy lifting, building or making a decision without changing your mind? Ok, I kid on the last one. But it is actually a valid point. You want equality but you still want men to treat you like the “Weaker Sex” you know, chivalry. Paying for everything, opening doors and being a gentleman, offering you the last seat. Standing when you enter a room? Ok, most of that is common courtesy and things which I strive for. But the arguments are valid. There is not equality, but it’s on both sides. Men are still expected to behave certain ways to women. Perfect example is to give up a seat. Yet there are none of the same expectations on women.

This is one of those arguments that can be batted back and forth constantly and has been for generations. Isn’t it easier to accept that Men and Women are different. There’s nothing wrong with it. Isn’t it nice to know whats expected from the opposite sex, rather than trying to suss out where the power balance lies? Trying to work out what kind of women she is? Does she expect you treat her like an equal, but pay for the drinks? Does he want to treat you like a princess, hold your hand and look out for you????

Who knows…


The first and the last resort

14 Mar

Men rebel. That much is true and obvious. But what is the last resort? What is the first?

With old age all of our dignity and our rights slowly get taken away or lost until we have near nothing left.

When first born we have to learn our rights, reponsibillities and ultimately our limits.

I think that during both of these times and indeed through our whole life just one small and seemingly minute option to rebel against all forms of tirany and oppression. That is:

To miss. Young boys do it clearly on purpose – the toilet bowl is larger than their head and yet they still manage to spray urine all up the wall or over the floor.

Prisoners do it – when they have no rights and everything they do is monitored an judged. Excrement up the wall and pee in the corner.

Men in their prime. 30 – 45 reaching a peek in their career. Imagine them having a really bad meeting with the boss. I can imagine the need to pee in his plant pot or all over his chair. It’s almost animal.

Old infirm men, living in a home. Well it may be accidental and shakes because of the arthritis but after so many years of being able to pee standing up I think they will continue to do so. Even if they constantly miss. Because let’s face it – it’s the last vestige of rebellion. To be able to say screw you I’m going to pee on the floor. Standing up.

I might of taken the random thought too far, taken a theory out of context but maybe the animal inside us will always mark our territory.

I might suggest this to some waring factions in the middle east. Why don’t you all just pee on the land that’s yours and stop arguing. Go back to basics. Anyway, I’m off to the bathroom.

Fat People and Train Seats

20 Feb

Now I don’t mean to be rude. But when I’m sitting on a train, reading my paper or my book – Maybe listening to my MP3 Player just minding my own business. So now anyone that travels on public transport knows that it’s difficult to get a seat at the best of times. So I love it when I actually find a seat and plot up, cosy my head in my hood and nap until I get home.

So, when a Fat person sits next to me I get really upset.

2 reasons really – the seats are small and hard to get. It’s for this reason that I hate it when a fat person literally wedge’s themselves between me and another person – practically forcing my off my seat and onto the floor. I mean come on – “Did you pay for two seats you fat bastard? What? No? – then move the fuck over or loose some weight!” “Stop killing your heart with grease and donuts!” “Stop growing so many folds of fat that you constantly sweat – so much so that you are soaked and lubed up enough to slide into a seat half your size without even a grunt.

I wouldn’t mind a fat git having two seats if they pay for them! – Here’s a novel idea – Ban fat people on trains, make them walk. They will lose the weight and then can come back on the trains.

Rant over