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Naked Wireless

22 Apr

I recently brought a Bluetooth headset for my IPod and as is only natural have taken every opportunity to walk around my flat naked wearing only my headset listening to some nice misc. Very nice.

There’s no real purpose or thought behind this post really. I’m sitting on the train and feel the need to write. I#’m slightly scared of the swan song….
Writing my last entry without realising would be even worse. But Im happy and relaxed and for once my mind is not running in circles constantly. 2 goals, both achievable. 1 love. Very nice 🙂

Now for the running commentary –

Hopefull a fat person won’t sit next to me…..

6:57 – Sidcup station, large man, pink shirt. Fuck! Terhe’s a gap between us but if some fatty sits down next I’ll be stuck between a wall and a fat person.
Music – Jack Johnson

07:00 – New Eltham Station. Skinny lady, beige coat, metro. Some lttle boy on the front – apparently a 12 year old kiler. What a little bastard!!!. I’m slightly nervous at how close people are, that they could read this. I need some kind of “Don’t look at my screen” shield.
Music – Dirty Pretty Things

07:03 – Mottingham Station. I’m safe. All the seats in my area are taken up but I’m snnoyed that I managed to pick a seat in front of the old lady who would drop coffee by my feet.
Music – Dirty Pretty Things

07:05 – Lee Station. I’ve just realised this train stops more frequently than busses how do I manage to ever get to work on time.
Music – Linkin Park

07:06 – I’m bored of this commentary, going to read.


Repeat because life’s good

15 Dec

I want to repeat something Ive probably said before. Whatever the dilemma or sticky patch your life seems to be in.

One thing to make it better – Put on that track that always cheers you up, press repeat and whack up the volume. Tomorrow is a new day.
Keep safe, my love goes out to you all tonight because – well, my tracks on repeat…nothing can spoil this moment

I’ve got some friends, some that I hardly know….

4 Oct

I don’t know how many of you know the song – Swing life away, by Rise against. This has to be one of my favourite song’s of all times. It’s one of those songs that will always make you sad. I have loved this song for so many years, the lyrics are amazing as its simple and let’s face it, describes my outlook perfectly. Swing life away. Then there’s the sadness, the loss and the good memories. All rolled up into one. There was a time a few months ago when after a bottle of wine I was feeling emotional and listening to this song, I ended up calling the phillipines from a work mobile. Music can do that to me, it evokes those moments when you just need to chat to someone, just need to remember the good times. To make promises you wish you could keep but really, you never know.

It’s times like now where I miss so many people, I can’t listen to some thing’s without wanting to get on a plane or a train. Do something stupid, just to hang – just to feel the freedom, the happiness, the excitement.

Who wants to know a secret

26 Sep

Don’t tell anyone but…..I once joined a dance club….Yeah that’s the way to get the girls.
I remember it was this thing we were doing at my primary school and I thought it would be fun, turns out they wanted me to learn a dance choreographed to “Tragedy” by Steps.

Obviously I somehow ended up listening to this song right now and it’s bringing back painfully funny memories, me in my short shorts on the dusty hall floor. Lights dim, spin and focus….I slide my arms round and bring my body up, I’m in a kneeling position….”Tragedy!!!” suddenly I’m on my feet, surrounded by backup dancers, limbs flying everywhere we step and swing, being one with the air. Leotards wrap the bodies of girls all around me. Yet me, the only guy am soul focus.

As the music begins to fade out, lights dim….The crowd burst into sudden applause and scream, and scream. Voice’s echo in my head “Encore!, Encore!”

Well er…at least that’s how it happened in my head

FF7 & Harry Potter

23 Sep

I’m writing this as I sit here listening to Aeris’s theme song. Performed by a Japanese orchestra, I can’t really tell weather it’s bringing out the best or the worst in me, it’s certainly making me think.

Interesting meme that one. Aeris, the flower girl who stole so many hearts and will continue to do so for so many years.Aeris means Earth…so clever. Some people just don’t understand

Sponge (c ) the word lveo – Swing Life Away says:
shes Aeris
Sponge (c ) the word lveo – Swing Life Away says:
I shouldnt need to say more
-VB says:
and so whosee the flower girl?

How do we really manage to form such strong connections with characters of fiction, for many of my generation there was Aeris from a simple computer game and in this generation people have Harry Potter and Dumbledore.

Surely this is another example how words, stories, music. When you combine them right can really bring out the best in people. We can be united against a common foe in our love for a character. Continue reading

Power of Words

18 Sep

Word’s clearly have a power over people, there’s an openness to them that make people stop and think. At first when I received the email from my father I wasn’t sure what to think and how to feel. I know he had been reading it, or at least knew it was there. There is a difference between him and my mother. I’ve grown up with her and she knows what I’m like, she understands the brutality of my thoughts and honesty in how I think, it’s just me, I don’t mean any harm but I’m not going to change because I don’t want to be someone else. Continue reading

Music, Photography and Clockmotion

12 Sep
Clock Motion....

Clock Motion....

Yesterday I was obsessing about time and music. I made this little stop motion movie looking at manipulating time. It’s not the greatest but it achieved what I wanted.

The great thing is that music makes all the difference, there are two versions of the same song used in these stop motion videos but they feel, to me. Extremely different.

It’s also inspiring me to carry on and do a few similar projects that are a lot better done.

Anyway here’s the vids – enjoy. Come back later for some other posts….maybe. Continue reading