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Homeless People

19 Sep

So today I was walking home along London Bridge. Now most day’s I always see two people, in the morning and in the evening. The big issue sellers. As I walked past “Eat” I saw the woman seller, looking up I noticed she had tears in her eye’s, my heart wrenched. What was I to do….I did what everybody else did, I pretended, like I do everyday with both of my regulars. I ignored them, pretending they weren’t there. Continue reading


Power of Words

18 Sep

Word’s clearly have a power over people, there’s an openness to them that make people stop and think. At first when I received the email from my father I wasn’t sure what to think and how to feel. I know he had been reading it, or at least knew it was there. There is a difference between him and my mother. I’ve grown up with her and she knows what I’m like, she understands the brutality of my thoughts and honesty in how I think, it’s just me, I don’t mean any harm but I’m not going to change because I don’t want to be someone else. Continue reading

The Weather

15 Sep

When you have nothing else to talk about, you talk about the weather. When you have nothing to write about you talk about politics.
I’m on the late shift at work today and came out onto London bridge around 7:10, the air was crisp and warm and felt amazing, the sun was setting, up river. Continue reading

Race & Religion seperating the masses

12 Sep

I understand that segregation and labels cause issues in communities.What I don’t understand though is why as a race we cannot recognise a few basic facts. Religion and money clearly play a part in the issues we face today. A big part at that. Continue reading

Icecream men

11 Sep

This is personal. Really personal, but it doesn’t matter because it needs to be said one way or the other.

I’m sitting in the office at the moment having an argument with a co-worker about what you should do if you get someone pregnant. I personally think you should be there in every way possible but he is putting forward the argument that men have as much choice as women with regards to bringing the child into the world and bringing it up, saying the guy could just pack up and leave if he wanted to. Continue reading

Capturing a moment

7 Sep

Photo’s and Word’s. That’s real art. The capture of a moment, a feeling. So perfectly.

I love the discovery of something that so sums up what I’m thinking, how I’m feeling.

I hope Gamb doesn’t mind me quoting her: Continue reading