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17 Nov

It looks like my promised gift is yet too come true and I think it’s easier if I get onto Watchtower at some point to read as much spew as possible and come here with my verbal diarrhea. Assaulting the eyes of many and offending the sentimentality’s of even more. For today however I shall have my little rant.

“A Non: Put a (*) in your name and pass this message onto whoever is online in your contacts list out of respect for the little girl beat to death by her parents

Me: No

A Non: Your so rude”

Stupidity and Campaigns

Stupidity and Campaigns

OK, I think many of you will see why I take exception to this stupidity. How, in God’s name will putting a star into my Name on MSN make any difference, I hate that so many people feel that it’s OK to pass round an email, join a group on Facebook or alternatively, put a (*) in your Display Name on MSN. This is an insult more than anything, this is a failing of the digital generations. We make a stand in our little on-line life’s, forgetting that by taking this “Action” nothing will change, no difference will be achieved. By taking part in these petty “Acts” we are encouraging each other to dismiss the real world, to dismiss positive and affirmative action. We console each other with pats on the back. It’s OK, we know your outraged at this one act of abuse that has hit the media. Don’t worry that this is just one of many. You joined a group on Facebook. Ohhhh way to protest, way to campaign for change, way to spread your word and feelings.

Sarcasm at 7:45, Monday morning.


Idioms – Family, friends and can they really apply to me?

13 Sep

I was thinking about idioms whilst on the bus back home, I want to fix my bike so I can go and cycle in Greenwich park again, we used to go there with friends and spend long summer days relaxing in the sun with a good book. I have this one friend, Lauren, who’s always been an amazing mate. She is one of these people that know who, and how to make an effort with people and she seems to be everybody’s buddy.

Lauren’s off to Uni next week and I haven’t seen her in a long time, i’m afraid of losing her and it upsets me to think about it. I have a few close friends but there are many more who have drifted away over the years, I will always consider them good mates, but it’s not quite the same. There’s a distance that’s grown between us and it can’t be bridged so easily.

There’s this silly idiom that bounces along the lines of “Dates come and go, but your mates will always be there” – I wonder if this can really apply to me. Can it really apply to anyone in my age group? I don’t think so really, with such fickle bonds these things can break apart as easily as other relationships.

I’ll always miss my friends, the ones I am close to because we are like family, when there is no-one else. There are these guys, whether in the background or on the front line helping you fight personal demons. They can be depended on. I know family is important, but family is there on a blood level. Its difficult to imagine your family not being there, because they are family. It’s like an unwritten rule. But friends, well, anything could happen and then one day you wake, and their gone. Poof! puff of smoke and nothing left but memories and a half told joke that’s forgotten the next day. After years this could fade and then we only have or memories that fade in the light, faded like old photographs – only remembered when looking through albums at forced social conventions.

What direction do the young truly have, it seems obvious to me that as so many don’t, can’t or won’t believe in themselves then we are lost. Without these little pointers – idioms and believe, we have nothing to give us the clues we need to survive. The skills we need to make the right decisions, to head in the right direction.

I have fallen off the track many times but there has always been my mum behind me, believing in me so much that I could believe in myself, I learnt, through my autism and the normal teenage struggles, how to make the right decisions and how to believe in my actions. To set myself goals and ambitions to give direction and determination, knowing that there is always a point just a little ahead where I can look back and say. “This is what I have achieved”, I know my mum doesn’t read this but I want to tell her, and clearly the whole of the intranet that may fall along this blog that I love her, she, like me, has always put everyone else first. Giving up her own needs for her family and friends, I always know my mum will trust me, I know she will love me and I know that she is a shining example to look up to.
If we all had a heart and mind that was inclined to help, wherever we could then surely we could help ourselves and each other to live life well.
I don’t know about idioms, I don’t think they can give more direction then I can find in myself, but those crazy Chinese seem to be doing OK….

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