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Peer pressure

15 Oct

This, I feel. Is the best definition of “Peer Pressure” – “influence on a person by other people who are about the same age on in the same class.”

Taking this definition, how does peer pressure exist in the workplace. Where often there is a very varied age range. I am the youngest person working in this company and know that most others are in their late 20’s and early 40’s maybe older. These I wouldn’t consider to be of the same age, or class. Or even the same peer, we were born in almost different generations and as a result have grown up in different lifestyles with different goals and agenda’s. Continue reading


FF7 & Harry Potter

23 Sep

I’m writing this as I sit here listening to Aeris’s theme song. Performed by a Japanese orchestra, I can’t really tell weather it’s bringing out the best or the worst in me, it’s certainly making me think.

Interesting meme that one. Aeris, the flower girl who stole so many hearts and will continue to do so for so many years.Aeris means Earth…so clever. Some people just don’t understand

Sponge (c ) the word lveo – Swing Life Away says:
shes Aeris
Sponge (c ) the word lveo – Swing Life Away says:
I shouldnt need to say more
-VB says:
and so whosee the flower girl?

How do we really manage to form such strong connections with characters of fiction, for many of my generation there was Aeris from a simple computer game and in this generation people have Harry Potter and Dumbledore.

Surely this is another example how words, stories, music. When you combine them right can really bring out the best in people. We can be united against a common foe in our love for a character. Continue reading

Young Love

21 Sep

Isn’t young love great..?

Er, no, not really.  Maybe I’m just an old cynic. Ok a 19 Yr old cynic. But I don’t believe in young love, I don’t think it can exhist, true love takes so much more. More determination and determination. Young people don’t have that.

I saw two kids on the train today, must of been about 16/17 – both of them were looking deeply into each others eyes. Unfortunately you could practically smell the hormones coming off of them. You could tell that all they wanted was Continue reading