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Journal Part VII

20 Feb

May 29th,

Journal – It has been a few days since I have had a chance to write to you – again, events have progressed rapidly and not given me much chance to stop and think.

So Lucy came to the Hospital, one or two days ago – I can’t really tell I’m a bit foggy still. We spoke for so many hours, both trying to console each other – she seemed scared and upset. Whilst me, well I’m up and down at the moment but life seems to have taken a turn for the better and I can only hope it continues – I managed to convince Lucy that I couldn’t stay in the Hospital any longer. It was too dangerous.

I’ve decided to work with Lucy – our paths and goals seem to be so tightly entwined and so we came up with a plan. It was brilliant – It is brilliant, but I don’t know if its going to work long term.

We came to a few conclusions – First, the Parazelli were sending me a warning and we would be unwise to cross them, which is exactly what I plan to do. Secondly, it wasn’t going to be easy – But the professor I was to meet most likely worked at P&S.

We decided that I could safely stay in P&S guest house – this was two fold in its genius, except of course I would need to keep up the relationship with Lucy, not letting slip that were not actually related. I like this girl so that could end up being an issue, especially with the Matron of the College.

Once decided I had to get out of the hospital, turns out it’s easier said than done. The basics of it are as follows. The doctors didn’t want me to leave and after a mad argument about snake’s and venom? No idea what that was about – I lost my temper and punched the Doctor in the face.

I missed those adventures, I remember when I was young. Dancing and jumping between gardens and over hedges, running from neighbours who I had some how managed to annoy. They all called me a little tearaway. I didn’t care.

So here I am – Punched the doctor in the face. Watched as he pressed the button for security – venom and adrenalin pumping through my veins  time slowed just enough for me to catch out the corner of my eye every little detail. To my left the way Lucy’s face changed from shock to amusement and then the confusion as I grab her hand. To the right – the security guard running down the hallway, the glass double doors creaking ominously as he burst through them at speed.

So I’d grabbed Lucy’s hand and shouted to her “Run!” and there we were hand in hand sprinting down the hallway, laughing with joy jumping and dodging other patients and nurses until finally I reached the big main entrance and out into the sunny warm air.
I had forgotten after being in hospital for so long what it felt like – I couldn’t believe the burst it gave me, I hailed a cab and we were away.

We chatted long into the night, giggling and laughing as we got back to P&S and I was settled into the Guesthouse.

Today I spent some time in P&S library looking through old newspaper records – wondering if there was anything – any sign that the Parazelli would keep, something, anything, “The Links” – Uneventful day but hopefully tomorrow will be better. I must go Lucy has just knocked on the door and we have much to discuss.


P.s – I long for her now more than ever…


Journal Part VI

16 Feb

May 26th,

Journal – I am sitting up waiting for Lucy. I want to talk to her. I’m going to find out what’s on her mind because I can’t do this alone. I’m going to go call her.


I tried calling Lucy but no answer, straight to voicemail. Is she avoiding me? has something bad happened? why is her phone off? I can’t believe this would happen from a girl who sat by my side watching me and waiting. A girl who hardly knows me. She wouldn’t be ignoring me.  Oh god!


I can’t believe I was getting so paranoid earlier,  I think it’s these drugs, Lucy said she would visit again soon.


My mind is going in circles, I think something is seriously wrong – I can’t reach the panic button, my arms refuse to move, I am writing this at the tips of my fingers, hoping a nurse will come by soon. Help me! I need to hide you, the secrets in your pages are to grave.

May 27th

Lucy visited today, apparently I was found on my stomach half way out of the hall, muttering about conspiracies and acting hysterical – I lashed out at a nurse and they have moved me to a secure unit. Lucy found and brought my Journal to me and we sat and talked for a few hours. I trust her greatly, I need her now but I am scared. I think someone has got to me – these hallucinations are unnatural, like I am being drugged in my sleep. I need to get this story out, but who can I trust where can I go.

I don’t think I can deal with this pressure, Lucy has told me of her parents – a horrible coincidence that makes me fear for her life even more, but, maybe she can help me. Maybe we are stronger as a team, I’ve yet to decide. The doctors tell me I should sleep and I can see how bloodshot my eyes are, a little scrap of glass I found in my bed my only mirror.


Journal Part V

10 Feb

I don’t know that I like this post at all. It’s not how I wanted to direct the story but because there is no plan I realised I needed to clear up some odd ends that wouldn’t make sense later on. But the whole thing feels very “Broken Sword” “Templar Knights” etc – I might actually delete it

May 25th

This night is where I lie and wait – hoping Lucy will come back – for this is her real name. As I had suspected.

I’m worried about every possible outcome – if she comes back she will be in grave danger daily, oh sure the Parazelli don’t know about her yet but I know they have agents everywhere and it is only a matter of time.

If she decides to leave me now, forget everything I told her – I fear she will be in even greater danger for very few people believe the Parazelli even exist. An organisation as old as Christ but evil to the core, history is littered with the debris of their plans gone awry. Deaths and blood being the ink they write their story with. Letting the world know there is a line, do not cross it!

Micheal is a very dear friend of mine and my agent has agreed to help me regain a little of what I lost at the hands of these Bloodthirsty cowards. I know for him, conclusive prove would really put his magazine on the map, but already there has been so much loss. My contact I came to have an interview with has recently been reported missing by the local paper. My only source to the wealth of information in the underground vaults here in Vermont – the only reason I came, I know is dead by now.

It’s how it all starts, the poet in my soul knows this is how it must end. An Eye for an Eye – they will pay for Sophie.
It’s been maybe 6 years of chasing dead end’s that has got me here. Sophie, my only companion, my girl and my love was lost on the way. The paper reported that she died in an accident at a construction yard, but I know that was not the truth.

We were in London following up on a hint about some recent activity – funding by the looks of things. I was working in the British Library, of course giving myself unfettered access to the history section. Round the corner the Natural History museum, again another wonderful source of artifacts that can all be traced back as bounty in the war’s fought by the Parazelli. My dear Sophie was researching at a dig site – the discovery of some strangely mummified corpses had got the media worked into a frenzy. Something I now know was a dead end – the Parazelli never went in for mummification, at least not in the conventional manor – cement was their preferred method.

That night she never returned to me – her death public, gross and splattered all over TV was clearly a message. Leave us alone! I remember losing my confidence, my happiness, my home, my job. It was my fault. I turned to drink, every night I would empty a bottle of Jim Bean and pass out in a puddle of my own vomit.

And then Micheal came along and helped me – he knew of the Parazelli and wanted to find enough evidence to prove they existed, he never mentioned why. But he had influence, contacts and money. He helped me back onto my feet and sent me out there to the dusty Arab lands in search of information. I passed through so many countries in those following years that my passport looked like a child’s drawing, visas and entry stamps overlapping on every corner.

And then I gave up – the trail had grown cold until now. I spent a long time on my own again, not speaking to anyone, not even Micheal until he convinced me to come here. Apparently he had heard from a mysterious source that a professor in a college was writing a paper. Something to do with “The Links” a mysterious and highly biblical text. Only known in certain circles the name carried a meaning that was mystical even to the strongest of faith. How could such a thing exist when we could barely find enough evidence of one mass genocide, organised by the evil Parazelli in order for their own gains. The Links is supposed to contain a plan drawn up by one of the first members of this organisation. Apparently a bloodline heirloom that had survived through the ages to be help by one member. Held like a bible to their hearts they take the structure, the ideas, the evil and mould it to their own evil ways.

Now the trail has gone cold again. The professor is missing and I have no way of retracing his work – if it was even available. Now I have told Lucy, stupidly putting her in danger. You need a certain mind to survive when looking for the Parazelli…..

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Journal Part IV

9 Feb

May 24th,

Journal – It has been an interesting day to say the least. Let me recount all that I remember.

After failing to meet my contact upon Gaitecs Reach I decided to head back to town as it was getting dark – Unfortunately I found myself so tired and confused that I somehow ended up off course in a field of thorny dry looking plant’s. All growing over craggy rocks and no clear path. I think I must have fallen and hit my head – that or an infection from an insect as the next things I remember where few and far between. There was a moment some time later when I found myself in a conscious state – enough to realise I needed help and pulling out my phone to dial someone, anyone. I was feeling desperate, scared and slightly confused. My senses were numbed and I could not for the life of me concentrate on any fixed thought.

Several day’s later I woke up to find myself in a cold hospital wing, surrounded by a misty white sheet. I remember nurses coming and going. Voices echoing in my head and asking me question’s, counting fingers and following lights. My life I remember thinking was like some weird experiment – nothing made sense. I was so drowsy that I don’t know when I was awake or when I was dreaming.

Too my surprise I awoke yesterday to find myself looking into a half recognised face – Annie! the girl from the plane, the girl from the cafe and now the girl sitting watching me in some hospital wing, miles from home.

It turns out that out of all the number’s I could of called hers was the first in my phone. I’m told there was a long donk, some swearing and a bleating cry of ‘Oh God!’ before my phone cut out. This girl is immense – she contacted the local mountain rescue team, took me to hospital and has been by my side for days on end waiting for me to wake. I have no way to repay her – but since she’s asked about Gaitec’s Reach, she calls me mysterious. I can sense the intrigue and have decided to tell her why I’m hear and what I’m looking for…

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Journal Part III

4 Feb

May 17th, These last couple of days have been a whirlpool of activity and excitement. I am still debating on the right cause of action so off course I will ask directions off of you. To start, nowhere in this town has a Map, I ended up using the emergency phone in some little cafe – one bonus here – they do good pancakes.

From here thing’s certainly got interesting, after giving up trying to get directions from Micheal back home I got so frustrated I hung up and took a little walk – realising I had left my jacket back at the cafe I turned back only to find as I walked under the doorway, my path blocked. The girl from the airport seemed flushed and harried. I noticed I had knocked her little book from her hand and bent to pick it up for her the strangest off thing’s happened – she knelt beside me – the look in her eye suggestive and then with a quick glance her mind was back to the task of quickly closing her diary and returning it under her arm. We both apologised. Rather sheepishly I must admit and I entered the cafe.

After grabbing my coat I was strangely struck to ask the waitress about Gaitecs Reach and even more surprisingly she smiled, laughed and said how funny it was that the girl just leaving had asked as well, but no sorry she could not help me.

Running out I caught her just on the corner and had a rather hurried conversation – explaining my name was Micheal and finding out in return there stood before me a young, intriguing girl by the name of Annie – which is funny? Seeing as I am sure I saw the name Lucy or Peggy scrawled in her little notebook. Strangely enough her questioning about Gaitecs Reach was purely some girlish fantasy and obsession with the romance of the name. I agreed with her on that – but it wasn’t why I wanted to know. Feigning a need to leave on urgent business she bid me good luck and I clumsily asked for her number, you know in case I get hit by a car or something? Would be nice to know someone half familiar isn’t to far away. What a stupid thing to say!!!

So here I am on Gaitecs Reach, found surprisingly easily after I noticed a sign half hidden by overgrown weeds and old shruburrery. An entertaining day all round, and as the sun is setting I have given up waiting for my contact – I shall have to make my way back down the rocky paths and back to my hotel before total darkness. It’s that or stuck on this creepy outcrop all night – I know what I would prefer


Seeing as I won’t be writing for a couple of day’s I’ll let SI carry on with her side of the story – leaving this cliff hanger (Bad Pun?) for you all to ponder over. Here’s a little poll if you’d like to vote on what happens next. Personally I don’t know but it’s nice to see where you want it to go.

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Journal Part II

3 Feb

May 15th/16th,

It’s some ungodly hour in the morning and I’m stuck in some drafty little room on the edge of town. George’s Motel – Original I must say…
This town is already getting on my nerve’s everyone seems very self centered and strict – as if every step I take I’m breaking some unwritten rules.  I’ve been sitting up for the last 4 hours wondering if this is the right thing to do.
After getting off of the plane and navigating the Airport security check point’s. Waiting in line for my luggage to come trundling out on the little conveyor belt. I’m always surprised at how torn up and rusty stuff looks after traveling through the airport and airplanes that make up so much of our lives. My little weekend bag is grotty and the handle has snapped, so I’m left struggling with what feels like a library slung over my back. Book’s are digging into my sides at every turn making it all the more frustrating.

I took the chance to settle myself in and have a look around town – there’s a school somewhere out on the outer part of town (Pratt and Smith) but I failed to notice anyone that looked even half as intelligent as the name would suggest. The school sits in a nice location – tree lined avenue leading up to a very Gothic, monolithic and altogether foreboding gateway. There’s not much else here really, not in the centre anyway – It’s almost like everybody is trying to keep as far away from each other as possible whilst staying close to all amenities.

I called up my agent from the hotel Lobby to let him know I had arrived and hopefully get to meet the gentleman I hope to work for tomorrow morning. A place called “Gaitecs Reach” – No Internet here so I guess it will be a good old fashioned map time.


P.s – I realised my confidence really isn’t what it used to be.

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An interesting idea

1 Feb

I completely forgot to turn my Alarm off on my Ipod last night and have been woken on a Sunday morning annoyed and slightly grumpy. I need to make a cup of tea and relax. *Time Passes* I’ve made my Tea now and am feeling a lot happier. The cup I am using is one of those ridiculously small ones – thin china with some kind of gold motif’s and a badge design on the front claiming to be “University of Aberdeen” – Here’s a suggestion. Make better cups!

The beauty of being waken in this rude fashion is that it has kick-started some fairly dormant brain cell’s – by its combination of anger, fear, confusion and pure sleepiness I have developed a plan, an idea maybe or even just a musing.

SI has come up with this great idea for character development and I thought it would be fun, if she obliges – to write a sort of amalgamation, a continuation of each of our character’s in their Journal’s and Diaries – but an introduction. It would be fun for our character’s to have the opportunity to respond to each other. If not off course – then my story would simply be the imaginations of a magical dragon named puff. Dreaming of an alternate universe and what could have been.

May 14th,

Journal, I am glad I am still writing in you. It sometimes feels that over the past few months. I hesitate to write this for the admittance is enough in itself to cause me to panic.  Well, writing in you has kept me going. There’s nothing else to it really, the chance to let of that steam and pressure that has been building up – well it’s been intense. I want to thank you, and reading back I can see it is your birthday. I’ve drawn you a little cake in the corner, I hope you enjoy it.

I have some good news, I might be girlfriend-less and I might of lost everything I have – but finally, I have found an escape. A friend of mine has recommended a job to me in Vermont – and after applying several week’s ago they have written back asking me to come for an interview. This could be it! the escape I need. A chance at a new beginning – wish me luck!


May 15th

Journal, I’m lucky your still with me, airport security took one look at me and did a full search of everything in my bag’s – they found you and I say now I would of killed them on the spot if they had opened you. Luckily they were too interested in the speedo’s that had tangled in the strap! God the embarrassment.

I’m on the flight at the moment and I can tell you – these last few hour’s have been the worst and the best time’s of my life. To the left and down a bit is the most intriguing girl I have ever laid eye’s on. She doesn’t have outstanding beauty and seems to be very intent on an internal monologue – maybe she is worried about something? Who knows. I saw her get up once to go to the bathroom and hid behind my fork. Making the rubbery in-flight meal look like the most tantalising thing I have ever eaten. I notice she is writing in a small leather book much like my own and I wish I could talk to her, but after Sophie nothing will be the same again.

I must dash – the overhead light’s have just come on and the captain has announced our decent. I’ll strap on my seatbelt now and hope for a safe landing – this is the scariest thing I have ever done.


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